Visit from SSPCA

Today we had a visit from the SSPCA. We were finding out about farm animals, how to look after them, why we look after them and what we get from them. Louise was very impressed by our knowledge! We did learn new things too.

Did you know that goats have rectangular pupils? This helps them to see better in the dark. We also found out that cows have passports and can’t travel without them! Chickens like to have dust baths and pigs make nests!

We got to watch informative videos, answer quizzes and then play a game. Here are some photos of our activities.

img_0330 img_0331 img_0332 img_0333 img_0334 img_0335 img_0336 img_0337 img_0338 img_0339 img_0340 img_0341

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