Our new bug hotel

Some class members showing the location of the hotel.


John has been busy again creating a fabulous big hotel for us. We were very excited to make our way to the frog pond area this morning to put it in position. We are planning to go on a class walk to find some items to put in it to encourage more bugs into the area.

A busy bee – the class chose to call him Arthur

Class Planters

John has very kindly made us a planter for our topic this term and we are hoping to build on this further throughout the remainder of the term; adding bulbs, plants and maybe some paint to it.


We are waiting to hear if we will be lucky enough to get some funding for our compost and bulb request but in the meantime would appreciate it if the parents in our class could collect some of the small milk bottles please. We are hoping to use these to plant some seeds that will be in class and out on the planter if the weather is fine. The pupils will then bring them home at the end of the school year.

Thank you to John!