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We have been focusing on Remembrance.

Through discussion the class chose what they would like to do and how we could display this for our learning on Remembrance. We looked at how the petals of a poppy can often be shown as a heart and we tried to recreate this within our painting.

We have also looked at Haiku poems and used this as a way to show our thanks for those who have been involved in any wars or fighting too. We chose a haiku poem as they should be short and powerful, we thought that this would be a great way to display our thoughts and feelings. Below are some of the poems that the class have created.


Shooting starts again.

Trenches fill with injured ones.

Always remember


Two minutes silent,

We will remember the war.

We will remember.


They all went to war.

We will remember them all.

Where did you all go?


We will remember.

The soldiers who died for us.

Now the poppies grow.


Two minutes silence,

To remember fields of war,

Where poppies grew once.

Happy Halloween

This week we have been working within groups to create a spooky story or poem using some key descriptive words. We were hoping to paint a picture for our readers. They have worked well together, planning their activity, we shared all of our creations and assessed each other and ourselves against our own success criteria.


Today we spent the afternoon making our own spooky picture. We learnt how to use the oil and aqua pastels – how to blend them together to create a smooth gradient within our pictures. I think they all did a great job as you can see from the image above.


Enjoy your Halloween everybody.