P4-5 Victorian afternoon!

Primary 4-5 enjoyed a super afternoon on Wed 12th June with Izzy Swanson, experiencing what it would have been like in a Victorian classroom!

They really looked the part dressed in their costumes.  Some people didn’t like having to wear dresses and aprons and some thought the children’s clothes were quite itchy and uncomfortable with an awful lot of buttons to do up!

Izzy was a really strict teacher and one or two children were sent to the headteacher to be belted!!! (not really!) No notes in diaries and time off playtime for Victorian children!

They started lessons with a prayer followed by handwriting, grammar and an “object lesson” where the teacher showed the class an object to study carefully and the children were taught a variety of subjects through the object. Then they did some “money” maths involving pennies, halfpennies, farthings, thrupenny bits etc.  They did quite well!  They had a break to do some “Drill” (Victorian style PE) and finished the day by singing a hymn.

Everyone had a good time and it was a great way to learn about Victorian schools.