The great carrot car challenge!!!

This week we have been practising our teamwork skills. We had to work together to build a car using 3 carrots, cocktail sticks and a piece of string. The car had to be able to move as we were going to race them! Everyone had great fun doing this and showed how well we can work in groups together making decisions, sharing equipment and carrying out different roles within the team. We got pegs for “the most realistic car”, “the most creative car”, “the car which moved best when pulled or pushed along” and finally for “the car that won the race.”

Topic work

This term we have been learning about light. Here we are doing some tests to find out about the properties of light. We are also learning about how the movement of the sun, Earth and moon gives us our measurements of time. We will then be learning more about space.

Screenplay-Wallace & Gromit

On Friday 31st August primaries 4-7 went to Mareel to see the film “Wallace & Gromit-The Curse of the Were Rabbit!” Afterwards we listened to an interview with Nick Park and then we were able to ask him questions about the film and his work.  This is what we thought about it:

I liked the film, it was really funny-Fearne

I liked the Were Rabbit the best-Anders

I had seen it before but its still amazing!-Kathryn

It’s a really funny film-Liam

It was really interesting listening to Nick Park telling how he made the characters and I like Wallace best-Iona

I really liked Hutch, the rabbit version of Wallace-Matthew

I liked the bit where Gromit made the puppet lady rabbit do the funny dance-Ava

I liked all the cute little bunny rabbits and I liked hearing how they made the movies-Esther

I liked seeing the real Wallace and Gromit models but was surprised they were so small-Fergus

I liked hearing all the questions and the answers to them-Fiona

I liked hearing how the films were made-Isla

Dynamic Earth

On Monday 3rd September we took part in a Dynamic Earth science workshop. The presenters played the characters of Dr Oliver and Earthy. Earthy was feeling poorly and had to visit the doctor to find out what was wrong and what he needed to make him better. The workshop taught us about air, water and land pollution and what we can do to help reduce this. Some children were invited to be Dr Oliver’s assistants. Everyone thought it was a great way to learn about the problems of pollution and what we can do to look after our planet Earth.