Playing rainforest games with p6/7

On Friday 8th June p4/5 were invited to p6/7 to try out their rain forest games which they had designed and made. Everyone agreed they had done a brilliant job and the games were all good to look at, very educational and fun to play.  Well done p6/7!
Here are some of p4/5’s comments:

Amy-I had so much fun playing your games and I loved all of them. I learned the names of animals I didn’t know like chameleon and spider monkey. Thank you.

Lucien-They were really good. I enjoyed it. The games were really great and I learned a lot more about rain forests. I learned that there were a lot of trees being cut down and I thought it was really bad but I really enjoyed it. Thank you.

Koll-It was great and I hope we can play them again and I learned some facts like a bush baby can jump 15-18 metres!

Fergus-I really liked all the games that I played and they taught me a bit more about rain forests. I really liked Lilly-Jane’s animal matching game the best but all the games were really good and I wish I could do it again.

Daniel-I loved all the games. The one I loved the most was Christie and Declan’s game.

Liam-I really liked playing your games. My favourite one was the Top trumps. I learned about a lot of the animals like humming birds and the South African chimpanzee.

Isabel-I really enjoyed all of the games but I really enjoyed Michaela and Jemima’s one the best and I learned about some different animals.

Ellie-I really enjoyed playing the games. I want to go back and play more. I learned that in 2030, there will be about 10% of our rain forests left!

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