History Walk

On Wednesday 6th June the whole school with some friends and family from the community took part in a history walk around the Boddam loop. We learned lots about the history of our school area from the story tellers at the different stops. Here are some of the primary 4/5 children’s comments.

Tory-I liked learning about how the sports field came about and that it is not just for playing football.
Emma-I really liked learning about the history of the area round the school and I’d like to go on another walk.
Matthew-I really liked learning about all the different things that happened in the war time in Shetland and other places.
Amy-I enjoyed the whole thing and I’d like to do it again.
Robbie-I liked learning about Voe and the fishing boats coming in and my house was built by a sea captain called Captain Sinclair.
Evie-I really enjoyed it and I liked learning about the war time in Shetland and other places as well.
Frankie-I was interested in how they salted the fish and how lots of boats came into the voe. I liked learning about the Norwegians coming in and they thought they were spies.
Ronan-I think we should do it again. I liked the bit about the war.
Abi-I enjoyed looking at the old money and I’d like to do it again.
Bella-I liked learning about the football pitch. It wasn’t always flat! I’d like to do it again.
Isaiah-I liked learning about school punishments in the past!
Daniel-I liked learning about the war.
Hayden-I liked learning about the school in the past like the punishments.
Isabel-I liked learning about the school-the separate playgrounds for girls and boys!


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