Monster week

This week we have created our own monsters and written stories about them.

We planned carefully and had to remember to include a title, orientation, complication and we ended our stories with a resolution.

We had fun making our monsters with Lego and plasticine too.

We are looking forward to reading each other’s stories next week.

Wake up sleepy heads !

In Primary 3 we are learning about the human body.

Sleep is very important to humans. We discovered that when we sleep we process all the learning we have done that day. Our brains are active and working hard while we sleep.

We concentrate much better when we have had a good sleep and we feel more active. This also gives us more energy to do things.

We thought it was a fascinating fact that we do most of our growing when we are sleeping.

So, sleep is very important for our wellbeing and sticking to routines helps us to sleep well.

Curious George Sleep video


World Book Day

We had a great time on World Book Day. We spent some time in the morning reading some books from the library that we hadn’t read before. In the afternoon, we listened to The Day the Crayons Came Home by Drew Daywalt. We imagined we were one of the crayons and wrote a message to Duncan. We made crayon hats then went on a book scavenger hunt in the playground. We loved it!

Spectacular Skeletons

We have been finding out about our skeletons and we put name labels on our skeletons to help us to learn the names of some of the bones. We also used art straws to create our own skeleton pictures. We listened to the ‘Skeleton Dance’ song and did the actions. It was fun!

What colour of crayon are you?



Primary 3 spent the afternoon exploring Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers books about Crayons. We thought they were really funny and hopefully Duncan will start to look after them now he knows how they feel about being out of their packet and away from their friends.

We enjoyed working out what colour of crayon we are and we really were a mixture of colours. Just like a real packet of crayons.

We chose our own favourite coloured crayon and will write a postcard to Duncan in this colour. The crayons can be quite funny so we are looking forward to writing in this style.

Love from the crayons

Tricks of Sight

We watched this clip & we were shocked when we saw the hidden surprise!

We also looked at these pictures – some of us saw one thing, some of us saw another, some of us saw both! We realised that our eyes don’t always see the whole picture first time round.

Optical Illusion WomanGoblet or two faces?

Mood monsters

We designed our own mood monsters in green, yellow, blue and red colours. We are linking them to the Zones of Regulation colours.

Green = calm and happy

Yellow= getting a little cross but, in control of my emotions

Red= cross and angry

Blue= sad and low

Our mood monsters will help us to express how we are feeling very quickly. Our little buddies will help us to explore how we are feeling. Already we have seen that we don’t all feel the same way at the same time in our classroom.

Our mood monsters might change colour throughout the day and that is okay too.



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