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Staggered Start and Finish Times – August 2020

As you know, the Scottish Government has said that physical distancing of 2 metres is required to keep your child safe. Based on this guidance, we have maximised all the spaces in the campus to ensure we can retain this 2 metre distance at all times. This means we will be introducing a staggered start and finish time for all classes. The playground will be clearly marked to show children where to stand prior to entering the building. Children should only arrive at their expected entry time as there will be no space for adults inside the building or in the playground.

The times will be the same whether your child is in Group A or Group B i.e whether they are coming on a Monday/Tuesday or a Thursday/Friday. If you have more than one child, all children should arrive at the earliest time. Entrances will be clearly marked and staff will be available to bring the classes inside.

In the morning:

8.45 – P3 and P7 will enter the building through separate entrances.

8.50 – P2 and P6 will enter the building through separate entrances.

8.55 – P1 and P5 will enter the building through separate entrances.

9.00 – P4 will enter the building.

In the afternoon:

Children should leave the playground as soon as they leave the building.

2.45P3 and P7 will exit the building through separate exits.

2.50 – P2 and P6 will exit the building through separate exits.

2.55 – P1 and P5 will exit the building through separate exits.

3.00 – P4 will exit the building.

If collecting a child, parents should meet them outside the playground area and leave the grounds immediately in order to preserve the safety of all. Parking will be limited so please use alternative ways to come to school, where possible.

Classes and Staffing – August 2020

As you will be aware, from August half of the children will come into school on a Monday and Tuesday (Group A) and the other half will attend on a Thursday and Friday (Group B). Wednesdays will be used for enhanced cleaning and to allow all teachers to have their contractual non class contact time to prepare lessons and support pupils with remote learning. We will be able to confirm which Group your child will be on Monday 22 June.

We know that parents are feeling anxious about what school will look like and what it means for you and your child. To help with this, I am sharing the class teachers with you.

Primary 1 – Mrs McLauchlan

Primary 2 – Miss Goldie

Primary 3 – Miss Keegan and Mrs Fulton

Primary 4 – Mrs Campbell and Miss Cunningham

Primary 5 – Miss Monaghan and Miss Harper

Primary 6 – Miss Hamilton and Mrs Gordon

Primary 7 – Miss Allan

Our Support Staff remain the same from August and will be supporting all the classes as required. They are Mrs McGroarty, Mrs Colton, Mrs Watson, Mrs Wilson, Mrs David and Mrs Arnold. Mrs McGregor will continue to be our Senior Clerical Assistant.

I am also delighted to tell you that Mrs McLeod has been appointed as Depute Head Teacher (Acting) from August and Mrs Patterson will be returning for 6 weeks in August before retiring.

We will also be publishing on the school website early next week videos of the teachers and the classroom set-up to give you an idea of what it will look like, so please watch out for this.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the school.

Social Media Accounts

Our Social Media accounts are now live.


For Twitter, follow @Cochrane_Castle


For Facebook, follow Cochrane Castle Primary School page.

Please note that our Social Media accounts will only be used to share information. We can not respond to individual enquiries and the school reserves the right to remove any negative comments. Please contact the school office for further information about anything posted.

The National Parent Forum Scotland have produced this helpful leaflet for Parents when using Social Media.