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Bha Anton Smith bhon Ionad Ionnsachaidh a-staigh an t-seachdain sa chaidh còmhle ri Cailean Collier agus Dàibhidh Walker. Thèid na rinn iad fhaicinn le bhith a’ leanntainn seo


Interested in Learning Gaelic?

Interested in learning Gaelic?

Beginners’ classes in Airdrie at the Chapelside Centre 7-9pm every Tuesday evening

Call 01236 856 297 to book.


The Muirfield Centre, Cumbernauld

7-9pm every Tuesday evening.

Call – 01236 638 989 to book.

 Intermediate Class

Every Wednesday evening at The Link,Cumbernauld 7-9pm.


Fàilte air ais!

Fàilte air ais gu Roinn na Gàidhlig! Abair gun robh deagh bhliadhna againn an urraidh agus tha sin an dùil gum bi bliadhna air leth againn am bliadhna!

Gheibhear duilleagan taic agus fiosrachaidh , agus chìthear naidheachdan mar a thachras rudan an seo!

Welcome back to the Gaelic Department! What a fantastic year we had last year and we expect , and look forward to, another one this year.

Information and support pages as well as the latest news impacting on the department can be here.


Scottish Education Awards

We are delighted to announce that we were successful in winning the Gaelic Education Award at the Scottish Education Awards last week.

Representatives from the school were present at the all-day event on Wednesday 6th July when the announcement was made at the awards ceremony.

The day was enjoyed by all and we would like to thank everybody who contributes to the department for all their hard work over the years.

More information can be found by following the link below.

Broadwood Live by the Loch

Our own band, Lan Chomais, performed at the Broadwood Live by the Loch event on Saturday 2nd July.

They performed alongside Dougie Maclean, Manran and the Red Hot Chilli Pipers in front of a crown of 2000 spectators.

Well done indeed to everybody involved in the organisation of the event and for the support given to the pupils.


Meal do naidheachd Eve!

Meal do naidheachd Eve! Bhuannaich tè de na sgoilearan againne bonn-òir aig Mòd Chille Bhrìghde an Ear. Leugh e pìos bàrdachd, Còmhdhail, a chaidh a dhèanamh leis a’ bhàrd Sgitheanach Aonghas Dubh MacNeacail. ‘S fìor mhath a rinn i agus tha sinn uile cho moiteil aiste.

Congratulations Eve! One of our pupils has won a gold medal at the East Kilbride Mòd. She recited a Gaelic poem, Còmhdhail, written by the Skye poet Aonghas Dubh MacNeacail. Well done and we’re all so proud of her.

Drama Summer School in Skye

The 2018 Gaelic Drama Summer School will take place in Portree between Monday 2nd and Saturday 14th of July.  Gaelic speaking teenagers aged between 13 and 18 at the time of the School are welcome to apply.

Pupils from the school have been participating in this event for three years now and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

For more information and to apply please follow the link below.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Mr Mackay at the school.

Texts for N5/Higher and Advanced Higher exams

A booklet of the texts that have been studied this year by pupils can be found below.

This is the booklet that will be available on the day of the exam and a fresh copy will be available to all pupils.

Pupils should look over these in preparation for the writing element of their exams and practice essay questions that can be found in the past paper section of the SQA website.

Booklet of texts for N5Higher