Texts for N5/Higher and Advanced Higher exams

A booklet of the texts that have been studied this year by pupils can be found below.

This is the booklet that will be available on the day of the exam and a fresh copy will be available to all pupils.

Pupils should look over these in preparation for the writing element of their exams and practice essay questions that can be found in the past paper section of the SQA website.

Booklet of texts for N5Higher

SQA Exams

A reminder that the Gaidhlig SQA exams are this Monday coming (1st July) as follows.

Higher Leughadh agus Sgriobhadh 9-10.50

Higher Eisteachd 11.10-11.50

Advanced Higher Sgrudadh 9-10.30

Advanced Higher Litreachas agus Sgriobhadh 10.50-12.30

N5 Leughadh agus Litreachas 13.00-14.40

N5 Eisteachd 15.00-15.25

Remember to come in and get some help in preparation.

Listening materials for N5/Higher pupils

Further listening exercises for practice in preparation for listening exams can be found below.

The interviews on which the questions are based can be found at http://www.ansgeulachdghoirid.com/stories.aspx?ID=9

Eisteachd Domhnall MacLeoid a’ beachdachadh air An Duine Dubh

Eisteachd Domhnall MacLeoid a’ beachdachadh air An Duine Dubh.le FREAGAIRTEANdocx

Eisteachd Maureen Nic leoid a’ beachdachadh air An Duine Dubh

Eisteachd Maureen Nic leoid a’ beachdachadh air An Duine Dubh.LE FREAGAIRTEANdocx

Èisteachd.An Duine Dubh Linda Nic Leoid

Èisteachd.An Duine Dubh Linda Nic Leoid.FREAGAIRTEAN

1+2 Awards

The school were represented at the North Lanarkshire Council 1+2 Awards on Tuesday as Bethany Spence performed a solo, singing “Fear a’ Bhata”.

Read, Write, Count

Scottish Government are looking for input from parents regarding resources.

As part of the development of Read, Write, Count Scottish Government have created a short questionnaire to get parents’ views on the ways we can contribute to the resources available to GME parents.


If you would like to give your views then follow the link below.


We are delighted to announce that our pupils, who are part of the the school band Lan Chomais, will be performing at the following event.

This is a massive event with over 1000 tickets sold all ready.

The pupils will support the main acts and will play on the main stage. Half of Broadwood Stadium has been floored and the main stand opened up.

This is a family event with doors opening at 5pm on Saturday 2nd June and it would be great to see any of you there who are interested in the event.

More information can be found by following the link below.


Listening practice for National 5 and Higher

Any pupils who wish to practice their listening can do so by visiting the following website:


The files below correlate with different interviews that can be found on the website.  Pupils can answer questions and check their answers.

Briseadh na Cloiche

Catrìona NicIain – Briseadh na Cloiche

Seònaid NicDhòmhnaill – Briseadh na Cloiche

Tristan Ap Rheinallt – Briseadh na Cloiche