Interested in Learning Gaelic?

Interested in learning Gaelic?

Beginners’ classes in Airdrie at the Chapelside Centre 7-9pm every Tuesday evening

Call 01236 856 297 to book.


The Muirfield Centre, Cumbernauld

7-9pm every Tuesday evening.

Call – 01236 638 989 to book.

 Intermediate Class

Every Wednesday evening at The Link,Cumbernauld 7-9pm.


Fàilte air ais!

Fàilte air ais gu Roinn na Gàidhlig! Abair gun robh deagh bhliadhna againn an urraidh agus tha sin an dùil gum bi bliadhna air leth againn am bliadhna!

Gheibhear duilleagan taic agus fiosrachaidh , agus chìthear naidheachdan mar a thachras rudan an seo!

Welcome back to the Gaelic Department! What a fantastic year we had last year and we expect , and look forward to, another one this year.

Information and support pages as well as the latest news impacting on the department can be here.