Buidhean nam Meadhanan agus Dràma / Media and Drama Group

Toisichidh am buidhean seo a-rithist Dimàirt 5 An t-Sultain as deidh na sgoile. An dèan com-pàrtaichean agus am pàrantan cinnteach gu bheil dòigh-siubhail dhachaigh air a chur air dòigh. Bidh sinn a’ crìochnachadh aig 5pm.

This group will restart on Tuesday 5th September after school. Could participants and parents ensure that they have organised transport home. The session ends at 5pm.

Seo agaibh ceangal an litir a chaidh a chur dhachaigh / please find the link to the letter that was sent home

Drama Letter







We have started work on a short novel called A’ Tilleadh Dhachaigh by Seonaid NicDhomhnaill.

The presentation for this book is available on the designated S3 page.


S1 are currently working  on Dùbhlan an t-Srainnseir by Iain MacFhionghain.

The presentation for both the language content and questions are available on the designated S1 page.

Please ensure that pupils do not work ahead until advised by the teacher.

Thank you

Higher – Bùrn

Hi Higher pupils are currently studying the short story Bùrn by Iain Crichton Smith.  Worksheets and presentations can be found on the dedicated Higher page.

Mgr Mackay & Mgr Rodgers

Fàilte air ais

We would like to welcome our pupils back for the new term, especially our new S1 pupils! We are very much looking to a productive and enjoyable year ahead.

All Gaelic teaching staff @ GHS