LGBT Charter Mark – Silver Level

Dear Member of the School Community

I write to you with the great news that we have achieved LGBT Charter Mark status at Silver level.

To me our drive to attain this award is not just about the sphere of LGBTi, it is about equality in the general sense whether that be related to gender, social status, religion, race or nationality.

Some of the values of our school are: “Equality, Inclusion, Tolerance, Kindness and Respect”, and so attaining this award is very much in line with our morals and beliefs.

One of the things that makes me proudest about being head teacher of the school is the excellent way our young people accept and befriend any new individuals in the school community, no matter what background they come from. All our young people are interested in is the person they see before them with gender, social status, religion, race, nationality or sexuality playing no part in any judgements they make.

This award is very much about the young people and staff, their mindset, their beliefs and their moral compasses. It makes me very, very proud to be part of such an inclusive school: our pupils are a credit to our school community, their families and themselves.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate Mrs McAdam and her team for the hard work and effort in achieving this prestigious national award.

Well done to everyone involved.

Kindest regards

John McGilp
Head Teacher