Higher PE work w/b 18th May

The tasks so far have all been about investigating or gathering data. The task this week will look at development.

Task 1. Complete a 5k run at a steady pace throughout and submit your time in the usual way to


Task 2. Watch this clip on Fartlek Training

Task 3. Complete a Fartlek Training session. Design your own session lasting 30 mins. Structure you session with a 5min jog to warm up, 20 mins Fartlek work, 5 mins warm down jog.

For the 20 mins Fartlek work you will have to plan how to do this. examples are,

jog for 10 lamp posts, increased speed for 2 lamp posts.

Music – 1 song = jogging then 1 song increased speed then next song back to jogging and repeat

Use a timer- 2mins jogging, 30 secs increased speed and repeat

Use your app/gps for distance – 300m jog then 100m increased speed and repeat

These are just suggestions and will depend on your level of fitness

NB increased speed does not necessarily mean sprinting.

Need a target for your 5k?

One pupil going into higher next year has just submitted a time for their 5k breaking the 18 minute mark!!

Please submit your times to


You can submit a pic of your time by taking a screen shot or simply submitting your time!!

Mr McRorie has just submitted his!!


w/b 12 May- Higher PE

Complete a  5k run. Record your score. If you have an app use it to record your result. If you don’t have an app, you could measure 1.6 miles in the car and run to that point and back and record your time. Submit your result to


Tip – Sending a screen shot of your live result from your app would be good as evidence!!

I will collate the results (which will be kept private).

Good luck.

Mr Rae

How did you do?

How did you do with your fitness test? If you didn’t manage to complete it yet please do so ASAP.  A few of you asked where should you submit your answer for last week’s describe question- keep it safe somewhere as we will eventually ask you to submit it through MS Teams if you have access to Glow.

Mr McRorie completed his tesat last week. How did you compare? He used the Nike app to complete his 12 minute Cooper run and ran just short of 3k.

P.E. Home Challenge Sheet S1-S6

The first challenge is the Fantasy Football Team sponsored by Joma. Please note in the event of multiple winners of the Fantasy Team a draw will be made. Please download the word doc below to get started.

Please ask your parent/carer for permission to participate! And for permission to share on social media!!

Good luck, The ‘Ness PE Dept 

PE Home Challenge

S1-S6 Daily Workout!!

Body Coach Joe Wicks is set to host live PE sessions for kids in coronavirus lockdown.

The fitness guru made the announcement on his Facebook page this morning in a bid to keep the nation’s children fit and active while schools are closed as Covid-19 grips the country.

Posting on his Facebook page The Body Coach, Joe said: “I’m going to be the Nations PE teacher everyday Monday to Friday at 9am on youtube.

Keep fit and well everyone!

Mr Rae

Health and Wellbeing.

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