From the School Captains

I am overjoyed and beyond proud to have been chosen as the school captain of Coltness High School. Being appointed school captain comes with a great responsibility and a challenge that I am willing to take on and, in the end, make the school and my fellow peers proud. I am looking forward to working closely with the pupils of Coltness, the faculty and the wider community throughout the school year, to create and reinforce new ideas as a team that will hopefully benefit the school.

As captain I would like to raise awareness for many charities throughout the school such as the local food bank and many other charities that the pupils of Coltness High School will select themselves. This allows the school to raise as much awareness and money for this charity as possible, as the charity chosen will have a meaning behind it. I hope that through our year as School Captain my fellow pupils will be aware of the support they have within the school and I will encourage pupils to attend the support groups that will be created, such as breakfast clubs and study groups, which will hopefully provide peace of mind for upcoming seniors struggling with the stress of exams and allow us to get to know the pupils of the school more closely. As captain I would like to instigate more activities and competitions within the school which focus on other subjects so that all pupils can display their skills in both sporting and other subjects such as music, baking, art etc, which allows everyone to demonstrate their talents in the school and showcases everyone’s individuality and the diversity here at Coltness High. This creates a positive atmosphere within the school as inter house competitions provoke friendly rivalry between captains, vice captains, house captains, friends and teachers within the school.

As captain I’ll ensure that I will always put my best into everything that I will do and I am excited for what this upcoming year will bring for me and my fellow pupils.

– Emma MacNicol (School Captain)

It is an absolute privilege to have been chosen as school captain and I am honoured to be taking on the role. I hope to create a positive environment in and around the school by creating opportunities for pupils to express themselves, and involving myself with the younger students at Coltness High. I understand the importance of being a school captain and will be committed to my role all the way throughout the year and I look forward to working with my peers and staff to develop the friendly and welcoming environment within Coltness High.

I would like pupils to be able to come to school and express themselves in the best way they feel comfortable so I plan on creating different opportunities for them to do so through various clubs and inter-house competitions in hopes to encourage pupils to illustrate the diverse community here at Coltness High. I plan on starting a breakfast club at the school every morning where we will have free breakfast for pupils. This will offer pupils a chance to come to school and eat breakfast with there friends and give the captains a chance to get to know some of the younger pupils. I also plan on getting students more involved in the music department by running a music tech club and having an inter-house battle of the bands competition, I feel music is a great way for pupils to have fun and it is also a chance to work in a team which will develop everyday life skills.

As school captain I guarantee that I will consistently work my hardest to ensure the school is a great environment for pupils, staff and the wider community of Coltness High and I look forward to having a successful year as school captain.

– Max Johnston (School Captain)