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Being an Adistar Ambassador

As an Adistar ambassador, Braidhurst High pupil Connor Gray’s goal was to promote and live out the Olympic and Paralympic values as an inspirational figure for other young people as well as adults.  The values were determination, equality, inspiration, excellence, courage, respect and friendship.  Promoting these values allowed him to use them in his own performance and participation in sport.  In school Connor helped organise a rugby club for S1-3 which will begin this term, which will hopefully catch the eye of the lower school and grow as the year goes on.  There are a range of sports which Connor had to promote such as Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Trampolining, Fitness, Rugby, Football, Hockey, Boxing including every Olympic sport.

As an ambassador Connor was also involved in the Olympic torch relay.  He helped primary school spectators to have the best view as the torch went past.  It was a great day and an event he will remember for the rest fo his life.  Another Olympic events Connor attended were the France vs USA and Columbia vs North Korea women’s football matches at Hampden.  Being a part of the Olympics and having influenced young people to get involved has given Connor great experience and has been a wonderful opportunity for him.  Connor is honoured to have had this opportunity to get involved with sports and he hopes to get even more people participating and taking an interest in sport as the Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow draws near.  He also hopes to become more involved with sports activities within schools and in the local communities.

House Captains

Braidhurst High School recently appointed their school captains for academic year 2012-2013.  The role of School Captain is a high-profile and prestigious one amongst the senior student body, performing a range of important functions through the academic session.  Duties and responsibilities accompanying this role include being a positive role model in the school and community, representing Braidhurst HS at public events, attending and organising inter house and whole school events, organising the Senior Prom and representing the ‘pupil voice’ within the school.

Braidhurst expects their captains to be inspirational to other students with a clear commitment to the ethos and values of Braidhurst High School.  The captains have to lead by example with energy, enthusiasm and a visible pride in our school.  This is a post which challenges them to show initiative, achieve goals, and become more confident in how they communicate and interact with people.

New Staff 2012

As well as many new pupils, the school also welcomed several new teachers to the school including Ms Karen lamb in Drama, Ms Gemma Collins in Music, Mr James Thompson and Ms Natalie Durrant in Physical Education, Mr Alan Dickie in Biology and Ms Jennifer McKenna in Technical Education. All these staff seem to have settled very well into their new school and staff and pupils hope that they enjoy working in Braidhurst.

New Intake

Braidhurst High experienced an increase in the school roll at the beginning of term. All of the new pupils were in full school uniform and were looking fantastic. The pupils in the new first year had senior pupils allocated as guides to ensure they quickly settled into the secondary environment. Initial reactions from staff and pupils indicate that they will quickly feet at home.

We Will Rock You

Braidhurst High School’s annual show promised the audience, We Will Rock You and they certainly did not disappoint!

The musical based on the music of legendary rockers Queen, showcased the talents of Braidhurst pupils at their finest.  In fact so many talented pupils auditioned for the leading roles that the casting team had to choose 2 sets of principals.  The musical is based 300 years in the future on Planet Mall, a time and place when musical instruments are banned, creativity is illegal and the music industry is the victim of globalisation under the evil giant of Globalsoft.  The Bohemian rebels who have resisted globalisation, try to rediscover music and the Rhapsody period under the guidance of the living legend, Galileo.

S6 pupil Dean Carr certainly did not seem “Under Pressure” and gave an excellent performance in the lead role of Galileo.  He was offered “Somebody to Love” in the vocal talents of female principals, Hayley Carroll and Natasha Campbell who shared the role of Galileo’s love interest, Scaramouche.  However the “Crazy Little Thing called Love” did not run smoothly for the love-struck couple.  The audience went “Radio Gaga” as the Bohemian’s nemesis, the “Killer Queen” (Astyn McArthur) tried to consign them to oblivion across the “Seven Seas of Rhye”.  Supported by Grant McLaren as Khashoggie, they entered an “Ogre Battle” with the Bohemians to prove it would take more than a “Kind Of Magic” to escape from the evil clutches of Globalsoft.

However, before it was a case of “Another One Bites the Dust”, supporting principals Britney (David Kirk & Dayle Archibald), Meat (Laura Cowan & Aynsley McGinn) and Pop (Graeme Dishington & Ewan Lees) came to the rescue in a “Flash” and took Globalsoft on “Headlong”.  As the curtain fell, the chorus line begged the audience, “Don’t Stop Me Now” as they proved that their time at Braidhurst really was “The Days of our Lives”.

The show was a rocking end to another fantastic year at Braidhurst and a fitting end to the celebrations of the 50th anniversary year.  The success of the event never fails to remind staff, pupils and the wider community of what can be achieved from teamwork and taking pride in the school.  “We are the Champions” has never seemed more appropriate.

Thanks to all involved for their hard work and dedication over the past few weeks.  A special mention must go to Directors Liz Hughes and Roslyn Allison, Musical Director Kimberly Donnelly and the musicians, production, choreography and costume team.

Rector Mr. Derrick Hannan commented: “This was another fantastic Braidhurst High School Show with sell-outs every night. The principals and entire cast should be proud of their performance. It was another great team effort by everyone involved.”

As always a host of local people and businesses provided their support by acting as patrons. Grateful thanks are extended to A & C Coaches, GTS Taxis, Onesti’s and Airdrie Savings Bank for their generous contributions.