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Please vote for us: ASDA Green Token Giving

Braidhurst High School has been selected to take part in this year’s Asda digital green tokens scheme.

The Asda Foundation’s Green Token Giving donates £1.4 million to local charities and good causes across the country each year.  The usual in-store customer vote is still on pause, but following a successful trial earlier this year Asda launched the website – – so customers can vote from the comfort of their own home and online shoppers can take part as well.

The school’s digital voting will run from 1st December until 31st January 2022. Please be aware that you can only vote once within a 7-day period.

The winners of each store’s vote receive £500 from the Asda Foundation and the two runners-up are given £200 each.

Please visit the Asda site and vote for the school to enable us to have a chance at winning this fantastic prize!

Please click image below to go direct to our voting page and help us get to 1st place

Pride Alliance: Aug 2021

Serenity – The Blue Stripe

This month the Pride Alliance invites you to celebrate the blue stripe of the Pride Flag.  This colour represents serenity.  Sometimes it can be very difficult to feel calm and serene, especially given current global events.  LGBT+ people around the world have had a difficult summer:

  • The participation of openly gay, lesbian and transgender athletes in the Tokyo Olympics has led to an upsurge in anti-LGBT commentary on Russian state TV.
  • Many LGBT+ around the world still face imprisonment and death, with the current situation in Afghanistan causing a great deal of fear in the LGBT+ Afghan population.
  • Governments in Europe are using anti-obscenity laws as an excuse to isolate and remove LGBT+ people’s rights.

However, there are more people doing good in the world to support LGBT+ people and to make them feel welcome and cared for in their community.  This is an easy thing for you to contribute to:

  • Be kind to the people around you, no matter the differences between you.
  • Question people when they use homophobic, biphobic or transphobic language.
  • Don’t share homophobic, biphobic or transphobic language memes, videos or comments via your group chats or social media. You can also report these sorts of comments anonymously to the social media provider.
  • If you hear or see anything that worries you in the school, bring it to the attention to a member of staff.

Serenity is about developing calm attitudes in the face of difficult circumstances and supporting others to do the same.  Let’s make Braidhurst a great wee school for everyone.


The Braidhurst community welcomed back all pupils to school after an extended period of home or blended learning due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. On Monday 26th April pupils in S1 to S6 arrived at school eager to resume classroom learning with their teachers.

Enhanced hygiene measures remain in place, including the wearing of face masks for all pupils when indoors, pupils remaining in year group bubbles throughout the day, and increased hand washing with anti-bacterial hand wash as they enter the school building.

All pupils are also encouraged to follow school uniform guidance which includes the wearing of full uniform with a Braidhurst blazer, unless they are scheduled to participate in P.E, and on these days they are expected to arrive at school in clothing suitable for outdoor exercise.   A blazer must be worn at all times.

The entire Braidhurst community are delighted to have all pupils back in school and learning. Good luck everyone for the term ahead.

Parent / Carer Questionnaire

We at  Braidhurst appreciate that the current restrictions can provide challenges for all of us that we might not have anticipated. We know things can change quickly creating both barriers and opportunities in all aspects of life.  As a school we want to know how all our parents / carers are doing at this time supporting their child. If you could possibly complete the short questionnaire we would be really grateful. Thank you.


On Tuesday 6th of October, the school held an awards ceremony for our senior pupils to recognise and celebrate their hard work from the previous session. It was not the usual Braidhurst prize-giving ceremony, but the event allowed the school community to praise our pupils who produced a high standard of work by consistently applying themselves. Each pupil received a certificate and a photograph was taken for them to take home.

Last session we had two pupils who achieved our DUX award: Olivia Biggart and Cameron May. We are delighted for them both.

Our award winners in S4 were:

  • Ryan Brown (Design and Manufacture)
  • Louise Day (German)
  • Iona Eldhose (Biology, Chemistry, Art & Design, French, Maths, and Modern Studies)
  • Summer Keenan (Physical Education & Physics -joint)
  • Craig McCall (Graphic Communication and Physics -joint)
  • Victoria Nicholls (Maths Applications)
  • Jamie Rae (English and Computing Science)
  • David Rankin (Admin and IT)
  • Casey Rodger (Achieve)
  • Nikki Simmonette (Science)
  • Kara Tollan (History and Geography).

Our award winners in S5 were:

  • Olivia Biggart (Chemistry and Physical Education)
  • Lauryn Buddy (Graphic Communication)
  • Craig Campbell (Human Biology and English)
  • Dylan Campbell (French)
  • Chloe Henderson (History)
  • Emily Irvine (Art and Design and Music Technology)
  • Cameron May (Physics, Geography and Music)
  • Ellie McCoull (Woodwork)
  • Amy-Lee McLachlan (Design and Manufacture)
  • Lewis Molloy (English)
  • Euan Simm (Maths).

The school wishes all of our prize winners a huge congratulations.