Pride Alliance: Aug 2021

Serenity – The Blue Stripe

This month the Pride Alliance invites you to celebrate the blue stripe of the Pride Flag.  This colour represents serenity.  Sometimes it can be very difficult to feel calm and serene, especially given current global events.  LGBT+ people around the world have had a difficult summer:

  • The participation of openly gay, lesbian and transgender athletes in the Tokyo Olympics has led to an upsurge in anti-LGBT commentary on Russian state TV.
  • Many LGBT+ around the world still face imprisonment and death, with the current situation in Afghanistan causing a great deal of fear in the LGBT+ Afghan population.
  • Governments in Europe are using anti-obscenity laws as an excuse to isolate and remove LGBT+ people’s rights.

However, there are more people doing good in the world to support LGBT+ people and to make them feel welcome and cared for in their community.  This is an easy thing for you to contribute to:

  • Be kind to the people around you, no matter the differences between you.
  • Question people when they use homophobic, biphobic or transphobic language.
  • Don’t share homophobic, biphobic or transphobic language memes, videos or comments via your group chats or social media. You can also report these sorts of comments anonymously to the social media provider.
  • If you hear or see anything that worries you in the school, bring it to the attention to a member of staff.

Serenity is about developing calm attitudes in the face of difficult circumstances and supporting others to do the same.  Let’s make Braidhurst a great wee school for everyone.