Revised Protocols: return to school

Return to school on 10th January 2022 – revised protocols

  1. Staggered lunches will be reinstated as this will allow us to ensure pupils sit in a designated area in the dining hall.

Instructions are as follows:

  • S1 – 12.20pm
  • S2 – 12.25pm
  • S3 – 12.30pm
  • S4/5/6 – 12.40pm

This applies to all (i.e. picking up a grab-a-bag or buying a dinner).

  1. Intervals and lunch: pupils will be encouraged to be outdoors if possible. They should wear an outdoor jacket to school, which should be removed when they enter the building. We have a limited supply if needed. If wet, pupils will be sent to the following zones:
  • S1/2 – Tuck shop
  • S3 – Assembly Hall (English department during prelims)
  • S4 – Dining room
  • S5 – Social Subjects
  • S6 – Maths

3. ALL pupils will leave at 3.45pm at the end of the day. There will be no early release of pupils.

4. When moving around the school pupils should keep to the left.

5. There will be no year group assemblies.

6. Windows and doors will remain open (where, and when, possible).

7. Pupils will sit at single desks, all facing the front (where possible).

8. Seating plans will be kept/ updated by staff. Pupils should sit in their allocated seat and not move without permission.

9. Pupils should know their login details for GLOW. If they do not they should speak to any teacher ASAP. If pupils are required to self-isolate, they should access work online, or join the lessons if able and the facility is available.

10. We ask that ALL pupils please take a lateral flow test twice a week – these can be collected from the school office during lunch time.

We will continue to issue masks at start of day, interval, and lunch while also sanitising hands. Please bring a mask to school if you have one.