Update from Mrs Rooney

As we get ready for our autumn break on Friday I just wanted to update you on some of our plans for the next term.

  1. Update on COVID procedures

We are still expecting staff and pupils to wear masks in school and if they travel to school via bus or taxi as we await further guidance from the Scottish Government. Testing is also an important part of our process to keep our pupils as safe as possible. Lateral flow testing kits are available from the school office, and we encourage all pupils to use one at least twice a week.

Please do not send your child to school if they have symptoms, have been identified through track and trace as a close contact or have had a positive result from a lateral flow test. If the latter is the case you should book a PCR test as a matter of urgency. Please keep us informed and get in touch if you need help or guidance.

  1. Future Friday

Our programme for Friday afternoon activities continues to expand and your child is more than welcome to stay and enjoy them. These finish at 2.55pm and transport is provided for any pupil who is normally transported to the school. To find out more your child should speak to Mr Pryde (PE).

  1. Reports/Parents’ Nights

S1 will receive their reports this week – please check school bags! Our S4, S5, S6 will all receive a report by the end of October.

Please go over the report with your child and, if there are any questions or issues, please speak to your child’s pupil support teacher in the first instance.

As it is unlikely we will be able to invite you into the school at present we are planning to hold virtual parents’ nights. Information on how to sign up for these events will be issued in due course. Please make sure we have your most up-to-date email addresses to enable us to continue to keep you updated.

Our S4 event is first and is planned for Tuesday 26th October from 4.15pm until 6.45pm. Our S1 evening is on the 9th of November with S5/6 on the 23rd of November. Our S2 and S3 nights are after Christmas and we will wait to see if there are any changes to the guidelines before organising these events.

Please do your best to participate in these events. We are conscious that pupils have missed a considerable amount of work throughout the last two sessions and it is important your child works hard in school and at home to ensure they reach their potential. Staff will be able to share the best way you can support your child.

  1. School and House Captains/Prefects

We are delighted that following an interview process we have the following senior pupils representing the school in leadership opportunities:

School Captain – Iona Eldhose

School Vice Captains –David Blair, Andrew Clark and Louise Day


  • Captain – Zoe May
  • Vice-Captain – Amanda Hamilton
  • Prefect – Olivia Rae


  • Captain – Rebecca Nevans
  • Vice-Captain – Kara Tollan
  • Prefect – Rebecca McLeod


  • Captain – Kate Mitchell
  • Vice-Captain – Katie Wright
  • Prefect – Emily Dougan


  • Captain – Ellie Anderson
  • Vice-Captain – Amy McAlonan
  • Prefect – Katie Morrison

I look forward to meeting with them after the holiday and working with them throughout the year.

  1. October Week

The school will close on Friday 8th at 12.30pm for the October break. Our Future Friday activities will run as normal. We will reopen on Monday 18th October at 8.55am.

We will also be delivering some bags of food before the October break. Please let us know if this is something that could be helpful for your family at this moment in time. Any donations would be very gratefully received and can be handed in to the school office.

I hope all our staff and pupils have a good break and come back refreshed as we move into our winter term.

  1. Natasha’s Law

New legislation has recently come into force regarding food labelling. This means that pre-packaged food will have a list of ingredients, protecting those with food allergies. The school canteen and our outdoor service area (van) are following these procedures closely to ensure pupil safety. Both of these cater to all tastes. Pupils using these services can eat in the canteen, along with those who bring a packed lunch.

Please remember we are here for you, if we can do anything to help, please get in touch. CLICK HERE to contact us