Town & Community HUB proposals: Motherwell

NLC has the ambition to replace every school not replaced or remodelled since 1996 and the vision is to make these places for the whole community rather than only the school community.

To do this, hubs will be places where education is delivered alongside other council and community services. Hubs will have a form and facilities based on the needs of the local community.

Proposed types of hub:

  • Town hubs are likely to include primary and secondary education and an early years’ facility. Other services on offer will be larger in scale, such as more comprehensive sport, culture and leisure facilities and a wider range of council and partner services.
  • Community hubs are likely to include at least one learning establishment and may include other zones such as sport and leisure.
  • Small community hubs may exist in areas where there is no requirement for new education facilities but where there is a need to replace older facilities like libraries, community centres and health centres.

NLC are currently engaging with the communities within each town in North Lanarkshire and hope to gather as many survey returns as possible to ensure the views of the community are represented in selecting the best site for the town hub.

Town and Community Hub Video

Location Video Link  ( Motherwell)

Survey (Motherwell)

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