Senior Phase Digital Consortium Parent/ Carer Survey

Senior Phase Digital Consortium Arrangements August 2020- December 2020

North Lanarkshire’s Digital Classroom is an exciting an innovative way to deliver teaching and learning whilst preparing children and young people for digital approaches to learning used in further education and in the world of work. The development of digital learning was being planned in North Lanarkshire, however was accelerated in response to COVID-19 Health and Safety measures resulting in young people staying in their own schools rather than travelling to be taught in another establishment.

Last term, your child was one of many taking part in subject learning which part of the locality consortium arrangements was. This was learning that was being delivered digitally from another school. To help inform our future planning and as part of the ongoing monitoring of this work I would be very grateful if you could complete a short survey.

Parent/Carer Questionnaire –

Views of parents, young people and staff are important to any development work within Education and Families and will inform future approaches. Your child has also been asked to complete a short survey and so have the school staff who deliver these lessons digitally.

I appreciate your time and support and thank you in advance for completing this survey.


Yours sincerely 

Jill Woodward

Education Manager