Being an Adistar Ambassador

As an Adistar ambassador, Braidhurst High pupil Connor Gray’s goal was to promote and live out the Olympic and Paralympic values as an inspirational figure for other young people as well as adults.  The values were determination, equality, inspiration, excellence, courage, respect and friendship.  Promoting these values allowed him to use them in his own performance and participation in sport.  In school Connor helped organise a rugby club for S1-3 which will begin this term, which will hopefully catch the eye of the lower school and grow as the year goes on.  There are a range of sports which Connor had to promote such as Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Trampolining, Fitness, Rugby, Football, Hockey, Boxing including every Olympic sport.

As an ambassador Connor was also involved in the Olympic torch relay.  He helped primary school spectators to have the best view as the torch went past.  It was a great day and an event he will remember for the rest fo his life.  Another Olympic events Connor attended were the France vs USA and Columbia vs North Korea women’s football matches at Hampden.  Being a part of the Olympics and having influenced young people to get involved has given Connor great experience and has been a wonderful opportunity for him.  Connor is honoured to have had this opportunity to get involved with sports and he hopes to get even more people participating and taking an interest in sport as the Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow draws near.  He also hopes to become more involved with sports activities within schools and in the local communities.