We have put our name down for an allotment in Elm’s park just across from the school in order to potentially grow fruit and veg for our school kitchens and bee friendly flowers. We have yet to hear back but we are hoping to be allowed access in the coming months.

you can find out more information here:


Minutes 19-03-15


Sophie Gribben, Robyn Gurney, Rhanna Guilfoyle, Conor Monaghan,  Curtis Kerr, Kalle Smith, Marie Ann Wales, Clare Monaghan, Rachael Waddell, and Erin Wigton.


Mrs Crawford,  Morgan Cooper and Ryan Byrne

Catch – up

The committee has now reformed after prelims so all members are expected to turn up to meetings


Rag Bag

Our indoor bank is up and running and we have ordered our first collection due to the large number of bags of clothing already.


Both our outdoor bins and our recycling bins have arrived so you will start seeing around the school soon. Our recycling bins will be put in the cafeteria for paper bags and other recyclable goods.

The next meeting will be on Thursday 9th April at Lunchtime.

Meeting Adjorned.