Update 26/01/17

A lot has happened over the past two months! Due to prelims I haven’t been able to update this blog as much as I would have liked, so here’s a list of all the stuff we’ve been up to:

  • Ardrossan Organics got set up, and we sold our goods at both the school’s Christmas Fayre and the Wittlees Centre
  • Our 3rd years presented at assembly, to update the school on our progress
  • The Rights Respecting Schools group achieved their Recognition of Commitment certificate
  • The Food for Life group started creating a cookbook of healthy recipes
  • The plot is being kept up by pupils from the Astra base, and learning support is keen to use it as well

We are holding a meeting to discuss the way forward after the seniors (including myself) leave, tomorrow morning, period 2

Switch off Fortnight

Next week is Switch Off Fortnight, this is a partnership with EDF Energy. Switch off Fortnight is about everyone trying to save energy.

In class we are currently making posters to show all teacher and pupils around the school. We are also spreading the word on social media. Twitter – @ardacadeco

An issue in the UK is that the North Sea oil and gas is in decline. We need energy to provide us with heat and electricity and to power our vehicles.

One of the ways we can save power is by using solar power instead. The largest solar farm is in California, USA.


Minutes 25/08/16


Sophie Gribben, Rhanna Guilfoyle, Robyn Gurney, Clare Monaghan, Marie-Ann Wales, Mrs Gilmour, Erin Wigton.


Rachael Waddell

Glow Blog

A couple of S3 pupils from the eco club have expressed an interest in helping maintain the blog, and hopefully taking over once Sophie leaves the school. They will be added as admins and shown the ropes in the coming weeks.

Social Enterprise

We are thinking of undertaking as social enterprise project this year, and are looking for suggestions. Ideas brought up were bath bombs, pickles and chutneys, cosmetics and candles; all made from allotment produce. We need to decide on the social issue we wish to tackle.


The Pupil Support department are going to give us a huge hand in maintaining the allotment this year, as it is something the committee alone have been struggling with. We are also possibly going to set up a Gardening Group.

The Committee

Instead of meeting informally every week, we have decided to do progress meetings every month were we will get the progress of all the clubs and groups that fall under the eco committee banner. This way we will be able to stay more on top of things.

Meeting Adjourned




Library Plant

Our school library has a new resident, a spider plant! Mrs Vauhnman ran a competition to name the little thing, and Rachel Skimming – one of our members, I am proud to say – won. The spider plant is called Peter Planter, (after Peter Parker, Spiderman), and this month they are reading the Spiderman comics.


Allotment Update 12/05/16

Since the Skills Academy has been so busy with the allotment, a lot has got done! The beds are filled, we have peas, potatoes and squash planted and more potatoes to be put in beds. Also thank you to the lady in the plot across from us (I think its plot 19?) who helped fill our raised beds full of soil – toiling work in the hot weather!

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