Welcome To Our Blog

We have achieved our bronze and silver award, and are currently going for our first green flag!

In our bid to go paperless, Ardrossan Academy Eco Committee has created this blog to upload evidence, and to extend communications to the wider community.

We have a social enterprise group, a food for life group and a rights respecting schools group all joined to the committee.

To find out more about the Committee, visit our ‘about’ page.

3 thoughts on “Welcome To Our Blog”

  1. Love the blog, especially the ‘Bins are love, bins are life’ description.
    A great example of a pupil run blog. great information, a sense of humour and even a gif!

  2. Hi all, just a wee note from me to say that I’ve started a junior Eco Club for 1st to 3rd year that meet in my classroom on a Tuesday lunchtime. Everyone is welcome!

  3. hi i would just like to say well done to everyone who got a role/job after the meeting on friday. well done!

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