Litter Meeting

If any members of the committee wish to attend the litter meeting on Wednesday 29th October, feel free. It would be great if you could take notes but as long as you can remember the information to report back to the committee it’s fine. The meeting is on period 1 in the morning, and will be held with youth services and the S2 and 3 pupil councils. I would like at least one member to be there to let people know this is a topic we are undertaking.

Thanks, Sophie

Minutes for 23-10-14


Mrs Crawford, Sophie Gribben, Robyn Gurney, Rhanna Guilfoyle, Conor Monaghan,  Curtis Kerr, Kalle Smith, Marie Ann Wales, Claire Monaghan, Rachael Waddell, Erin Wigton, Morgan Cooper and Ryan Byrne




Everyone introduced themselves to the committee in turns, allowing us to get to know the new members. Explanation of what we have already achieved was given by older members and due to small numbers, we have decided to not split the committee into year groups.

Cycle Friendly School

A quick talk was given by The head of the PE department to discuss a possible collaboration to become a cycle friendly secondary school. We feel this could also tie into our action plan under sustaining our world. This is only an idea, and it is not guaranteed that we will take part in the scheme.


Morgan and Ryan have agreed to run spectacle recycling in the school. This will be put in the action plan under waste minimisation. Claire is in charge of rag bag collection and Mrs Macpherson is willing to help and give advice. Progess of both of these actions will be put up on the blog.


The next meeting will be on Thursday 30th October at Lunchtime.

Meeting Adjorned.

Hello world!

Hello! This blog has been set up to inform you of the exciting developments that are happening at Ardrossan Academy in regards to eco at at the moment.

We have almost achieved our Bronze award, and we would like to share what we have done in the past few months.

Below I have listed the criteria we have to meet in order to her our bronze award:


  • A mixed group of pupils and adults meet to discuss environmental action for the school
  • The group meets a minimum of once a term
  • Notes are kept of meetings
  • Results of group discussions and action to be undertaken are communicated to the rest of the school.

Environmental Review

  • An informal environmental review of the school is carried out
  • Results of the review are discussed by the environment group
  • Following the review, some activities are planned that will change and improve the environmental performance of the school.

Action Plan

  • The environmental group decides on some action for the school based on the informal review
  • Responsibility for taking forward action is agreed

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • The environment group makes a note of progress towards targets
  • The group discusses success or otherwise of the action being undertaken.

Linking to the curriculum

  • Environmental issues are covered as part of curriculum work in most year groups across a range of subjects

Involving the wider community

  • The environmental group has a school notice board which gives details of environmental activities being carried out
  • The school lets parents know of action being undertaken in some way
  • The wider school community learns of the environmental activity going on in the school


  • There is an agreement on some environmental statements for the school drawn up by the environmental group and agreed by the whole school


We are so close to completing all of these targets and if you would like to help, the eco committee are having a Whole school meeting on the 23rd of October at Lunch time so feel free to come along!