Minutes from Meeting with Catering and Janitorial Staff

Date: 17/03/16

Mrs Futamata, Sophie Gribben, Marie-Ann Wales, Rachel Skimming, John Blackwood (Janitor), Wendy Hogg (Canteen Cluster Manager), Carol (Canteen Supervisor).

Food Waste:
this is already being separated through the cafeteria. Notable example of good practise was Kilwinning Academy, where food waste is taken to a ‘worm farm’ to be broken down.

Packaging Waste:
Cutlery and plates are to be reintroduced to the cafeteria for main meals. Recycling machine works an this should be highlighted at assemblies. We also discussed having stricter enforcement on those caught littering the canteen with waste-possibly a ban. We need to further discuss this with the head teacher.

Most problematic time is after lunch. It was suggested by John that we photograph the playground and canteen after this time and display it at assemblies. Carol suggested highlighting the cost of litter, and the fact you are throwing away money. A litter policy team need to be put together to address this issue, and also give a clear policy on litter which was highlighted by our environmental review.

School Allotment:
This will be discussed more with the food for life group tomorrow, but the catering staff will use any produce from the school allotment, mainly salad crops and root vegetables. They will advertise if it is being used on the day, which will be done in the canteen and on the notice board.

The issue of prefects was also raised at the meeting. We felt that they were sometimes not respected and could be given a higher profile. We also thought that litter picking could be included in the prefect’s duties, but this should be voluntary.

School Grounds:
There is a hazard with thorns that have overgrown, which needs to be sorted. John suggested that a new approach is needed, as currently the area will only be vandalised again. This will be discussed at the next eco committee meeting.

The next meeting will be on May 19th, Period 3

Meeting Adjorned