Minutes 19-08-15


Sophie Gribben, Robyn Gurney, Rhanna Guilfoyle, Ben Campbell


Conor Monaghan,  Curtis Kerr, Kalle Smith, Marie Ann Wales, Clare Monaghan, Rachael Waddell, and Erin Wigton.



Robyn has enquired about allotments across from the school and we are waiting to be contacted back. Membership is free, but we are unsure whether there will be a cost for an actual allotment.

Rag Bag

There has been a second collection of rag-bag and we are waiting to hear back on the money raised from this. Last time we raised a grand total of £28.40 and we are hoping to raise more this time.


We now have a display cabinet in the foyer so there will be a meet-up to redecorate it.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 26th August, period 4.

Meeting Adjorned.