Global STEM Alliance

I recently travelled to New York to attend the first Global STEM Alliance conference. Centred around the Global Goals, I attended panels and met with interesting people from all around the world working to solve some of our biggest problems. Whilst there I attended a panel on how to achieve the Global Goals through STEM: I have attached my notes below.

Achieving the SDGs through STEM

Skills Academy

Last week, as part of the Skills Academy programme, pupils explored their local environment including the Stanley Burn and South Beach.
They also helped to plant trees for the Three Towns Growers and made huge progress on the school allotment, filling our raised beds and building a bug hotel.
A big thanks to our sponsor Green Home Systems (Energy/Utility).




Our crops update

We have been taking part in the UK space agency’s Rocket Science project, where we have two packs of seeds, one which has been to space. The task is to guess… which one? Our seeds have been sowed, and will be planted out in our allotment in the coming months.
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We’ve also been taking part in the ‘Grow your own Potatoes’ scheme, and our tatties are getting along nicely over at the allotment site!

IMG_2349 IMG_7239

IMG_0961 IMG_3367



We have put our name down for an allotment in Elm’s park just across from the school in order to potentially grow fruit and veg for our school kitchens and bee friendly flowers. We have yet to hear back but we are hoping to be allowed access in the coming months.

you can find out more information here: