P7 have had a great week! We have taken part in lots of fun activities this week. Today we remembered the Queen and created flowers to put on a whole school bouquet to show our respect. We had a super outdoor learning session where we tried our cursive handwriting using chalk! We have also been perfecting our ball skills and basketball shooting! Well done P7 for another great week. You have worked hard.

P7 have had a great week! We have taken part in lots of fun and challenging activities . The value of the month is Respect, so we have been talking about how we can show respect to others throughout the school day. We had a great outdoor learning session where we created our own paintbrushes using natural materials. We also made our own nests for birds and placed them outside for the birds to enjoy! Well done P7 for a fabulous week.

P7 have thoroughly enjoyed their first full week back to school! We have taken part in lots of fun activities this week. In our class we have been reading ‘What We’ll Build’ by Oliver Jeffers and from this we have created some of our own inventions! P7 had lots of fun trying to create an invention to help others and their ideas have been amazing! P7 also created their very own comic strips. They thoroughly enjoyed doing this and created some fantastic stories! Well done P7 for a fabulous start!


Friday 23rd September 2022


In the morning we learnt that all of our names have different meaning and if you had a different name you would have a completely different personality.

In the afternoon we did math rotations and watched Newsround.


In the morning we did math rotations witch was mathopoly, sumdog, math mosaics and time table challenges.

In the afternoon we watched deadly sixty and Newsround.


In the morning we re-drafted our meaning of our name story and we did our self portrait with things next to us that we enjoyed/our hobbies.

In the afternoon we watched Newsround and did Spanish bingo


In the morning we did a house captain speech assembly an we did a vote for who to be house captain, junior captain and vice captain.

In the afternoon we did our favourite work pieces sheet whilst some did the same with their parents at the learning café and did Spanish bingo again.

Friday 30th September 


On Monday morning we set new targets for literacy, numeracy and HWB this week. This week is maths week Scotland so our targets were all about recognising maths in our environment. We have a new chill zone in the class and our HWB targets were all about recognising what makes us stressed and the strategies we can use to help us. In the afternoon we had French we learned the numbers up to  21. After lunch we went to an assembly, and we sang head shoulders knees and toes.


We did outdoor learning for maths. We had different maths activities to do outside like drawing the time on clocks and the fifteen game which is like noughts and crosses but you have to put numbers in that add to 15. Later on in the day basketball for PE using the skills we have learned to play games.


We learned about maths in music. We learned about counting in music and about what a percussive palindrome is (a piece of music that is the same forwards and backwards). Then we did some different activities like making percussive palindromes with a partner, sumdog and making palindromes in garage band.

After lunch we did the bleep test for PE and also played handball.


We watched a video called Spy Fox and then wrote a recount about it. We also learned about an artist called Mondrain who used horizontal and vertical lines and primary colours to create his art. Then we created our own Mondrain inspired work using only parallel and perpendicular lines  to create squares and rectangles.

In the afternoon we worked to research famous mathematicians – have a look at some of our work!

Isaac Newton



We did tessellation in the morning.

We had free write Friday and assembly between break and lunch.

We had ketchup and pickles in the afternoon [ketchup is catchup on other work and pickles is pick what you want to do if you are finished].

Friday 7th October 


First, we stared of with soft start. After that we did math and the time. After lunch we did some writing and finished of some jobs in the afternoon, we did French time.


We started with soft start after that we went into our math groups and did math. We learned about time. After lunch we played basketball games in PE. The PE superstars were Xander and John Paul.


First, we did soft start and went into our math groups where we learned more about time.  Then had breaktime and then we did spelling. We learned how to do diacritical marking. This is where we look at our spelling words and find the different sounds in the words. In the afternoon we had PE we played basketball again, this time Joshua was the PE superstar.


We started with soft start then we got into our reading groups and had a switch of seating planning. Then we split into our numeracy groups. After break we wrote a recount about three little pigs that took us up to lunch. After lunch we watched NewsRound. We had to write a summary about one of the stories, but it could be real or fake and the rest of the class had to decide if it was real or fake news.


We first got in and stared with soft start. We got into are math groups. Hexagons did tenths and octagons did percentages and triangles ordering numbers. After snack time we did free write Friday and had assembly. In the afternoon we did times tables work and did ketchup and pickles.

Friday 14th October 2022


First, we started with soft start then we done our targets for the week. Then went down to do French. We presented our presentations about France to the other P7 class.


We started our day by learning about 24 hour time. Then after snack the sports leaders created some outdoor activities to do. We had football, octopus, basketball and other games. Then we did literacy circles with our new books.  Then we did basketball for PE and then it was home time.


We first started with soft start then learned more about 24 hour time by converting between 12 and 24 hour times.  We then read chapters 21 and 22 of the nowhere emporium then made prediction about chapter 23.  Then after that, we done handwriting, wordle and then literacy circles. We finished our day off with PE by playing basketball games.


First it was numeracy. The hexagons learned about hundredths, octagons done percentages and triangles done comparing numbers. For writing this week, we made up our own versions of the corn song – look at some of our work!

It’s Tacos!
It’s Oreos!
It’s Beans!
It’s Pepsi!











We did some more numeracy. The octagons were finding a fraction of an amount. Hexagons were learning about using tenths and hundredths as decimals. Triangles were working on ordering bigger numbers. Then we had our final assembly of the term. After lunch, we evaluated our targets and then had ‘Fun Friday’ where we had choosing time. Some people chose to practice for the athletics competition. Some people worked on laptops and some people did some colouring.

Friday 4th November 2022

On Monday in the morning, we did target setting. After target setting, we learned about article 24 and article 27 for our rights. Then we went to Mrs McGowan’s class for the rest of the day to learn French.

On Tuesday went outside with parents. We did shelter making outside on the field with some of our parents. Once the parents left, we did word boost. We read from Chp 31-Chp 34 of our book called The Nowhere Emporium. Then we did Health and Wellbeing. We heard the story called the Big Bag of Worries and then spoke about our own worries. After that, we had PE and we started to learn about gymnastics. We started making gymnastics routines in our groups.

On Wednesday we started with numeracy. The octagons were working on patterns, the hexagons were working on function machines and the triangles worked on multiplication. After break, we did literacy. We did Letterjoin, word boost and SHORS. For SHORS we had to predict how the book would end. After lunch we read from chapter 34 until the end of the book. We talked about who predicted the ending correctly.

On Thursday we continued to work on numeracy. The octagons were working on patterns using Pascal’s triangle and Fibonacci’s pattern. The hexagons worked on two step function machines. It was hard at first but then we all got used to it! The triangles kept working on multiplication. After break, we wrote a narrative story from the perspective of an evacuated child during the war. After lunch, we created poppy art using straight lines. We also learned about The Blitz and created Blackout posters.

On Friday we did numeracy in the morning again. Then we did Free Write Friday. After lunch, we evaluated our targets and then we had ketchup and pickles time. `

Friday 11th November 2022

7/11/22 Monday

On Monday the first thing we did was target setting.

Then we visualised our new class novel front cover.

After that we did spelling which includes LSCWC three times and silly sentences three times.

Then we did show practice from 11:00 – 12:30 we learned some of the songs. Our favourite was No one Wraps like an Elf.

After that we had French with Mrs MCGowan

8/11/22 Tuesday

On Tuesday the first thing we did was math which was area and perimeter.

Then we read our new book and answered some questions about it.

Then area/ perimeter with outside using chalk, trundle wheels, rulers, metre sticks and measure tapes.


9/11/22 Wednesday

On Wednesday we did decimals for numeracy.

And for literacy we did coloured vowels. For SHORS we read chapters 3 and 4 of our class novel and did questions on it.

Then we did a poster on people who help us when we are worried.

After that we had PE. We learned about partner balances.


10/11/22 Thursday

On Thursday as soon as we came in we did some acrostic and rhyming poppy poems it was our own choice the kind of poem we wanted to do.

After we had our interval we did song practice and some people went out to audition for the school play.

Once we got back from lunch we went in and had some topic work we had to get done. Our topic work was a class debate and then answering questions about evacuation.

11/11/22 Friday

First we did numeracy which was decimals for the ocagons and hexagons and five and ten times tables for the triangles.

Once we came in from break we did free write Friday and we also had our French poster assembly.

Then we did singing practice after lunch all the way to the end of the day.

Week Beginning Monday 28th November 


We made new learning goals for the week. We also did some spelling, our pattern this week was the prefix circ-. After break, we had some show practice, it was our first time in the hall for a while. After that, we had French for the rest of the day!


For maths, we learned about angles. We used protractors and also played a game called Alien Angles. We painted some cardboard to start making props for the Christmas show. We made some more pom poms for the fayre. We had show practice between break and lunch.


We did spelling, handwriting and SHORS in the morning before break. After break, we had a St Andrew’s Day assembly. In the afternoon we did some show practice in the class, did some more painting and finished off our pom poms.


We watched a video about feedback to help us to improve our writing. Then we did writing. After break we had a show practice. It was our first time performing on the stage. After lunch we learned about The Holocaust and Anne Frank. We also watched a video about a survivor from WWII. Then we made PowerPoints to talk about what we learned. Some people presented their learning in a different way – like this!


In the morning, we learned about algebraic equations. Then after that, we had break. Then we evaluated our learning goals. After that we went to the P4 learning assembly. After lunch we did Free Write Friday about the best day of our lives. Finally, we had ketchup and pickles time.

“The algebra was easier than I thought” Cooper.

“I liked learning about angles” JJ.

“The algebra was actually kind of easy” Austin.

“I learned how to properly use a protractor” Cameron.

“I liked the Holocaust documentary” Jackson.

“I liked doing the algebra. I liked being able to practice it first” Abii.

“I enjoyed doing show practice on the stage” Joshua.

“I liked learning about the Holocaust” Sophia.

“I liked doing the Blitz writing” Jamie.

“I liked making the pom poms” Corinne.

“The pom poms were easier than I thought” Ross.

“I liked making props” Frankie.

“I liked painting the cardboard because we don’t paint often” Megan.

“I liked making the pom poms” Mays.

“The pom poms were very time consuming” Alfie.

“I liked doing the props because it was fun” Megan.

“I liked learning about the Holocaust because it was quite fascinating” Xander.

Week Beginning 12th December 2022


On Monday, we set new learning goals. We also learned new spelling words. We had French with Mrs McGowan. We had our first dress rehearsal for the school show!


On Tuesday, we did maths rotations to practice our area and perimeter skills. We also had a debate about wether Elf or Home Alone has the best main character. Home Alone had most votes! At the end of the day we had song practice.


We did a maths assessment in the morning after we did our advent calendar. Then we had another rehearsal for the show. In the afternoon we made Christmas cards.


We did our writing assessment in the morning. Mr Falconer took the school show cast for a final rehearsal. Between break and lunch we had another debate. This time it was if the original or new Grinch movie is better. In the afternoon we did some topic work. After school, we had a school show.


We evaluated our learning goals. Then we had our final show performance. In the afternoon, we did Free Write Friday. We also did some more Christmas crafts.

“I enjoyed learning about area and perimeter” Ross.

“For once I enjoyed writing” Joshua.

“I learned how to make a snowflake” Corinne.

“I liked doing the first show in front of parents” Sophia.

“I enjoyed writing” Frankie.

“I enjoyed Christmas crafts” Taylor.

“I enjoyed making Christmas crafts” Sophie.

“I enjoyed doing the school show in front of people” Myles.

“I liked making Christmas cards” Mays.

“I liked doing debates” Megan.

“I enjoyed doing the debates too” J.J.

“I liked doing the show” Hollie.

“I liked doing the school show” Abii.

“I liked doing the paper chains” Megan.

“I liked doing the Holocaust writing” Jackson.

“I liked doing the school show” John Paul.

“I liked the maths assessment” Elyse.

“I loved acting in front of all the people who came to watch the show” Jamie.

“I enjoyed acting in the show” Cameron.

“I liked looking gorgeous in the school show” Cooper.

“I enjoyed doing the debate to see if Buddy or Kevin is better” Austin.

“I enjoyed doing both of the debates because they were fun to do” Xander.

“I enjoyed doing the Christmas crafts” Alfie.

Week Beginning 6th January 2023


On Monday we set learning goals for the week. We also learned new spelling words. Then we went to French, we learned about Monet and we painted river art.


We learned about features of poetry such as rhyme, theme, onomatopoeia, characters and alliteration. We also learned about Robert Burns. We watched videos and researched his life to create a timeline of his life. After lunch, we learned about UNCRC Article 29 which is about the right an education. For PE we learned the Canadian Barn Dance.


Firstly we visualised the front cover of our new class novel, There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom’. After break, we learned Scots language. We had to translate between Scots and English. Some words we learned are: bubbly jock = turkey, selkie = seal, ee = eye and dug = dog. After lunch, we learned about Scottish Isles. We used our mapping skills to identify the isles. We also went to the library to take out reading books.


We learned about homophones. A homophone is a word that sounds the same as another word but they are spelt differently. For example, your/you’re, meet/meat, see/sea. Then we went to assembly. After break, we evaluated our learning goals, learned about our class poem Mrs Nae Offence and then did free write Friday. After lunch, we visited our buddies!

Friday 27th January 2023


On Monday, we set our learning goals. We also did spelling. The sports leaders made up games for Tuesday’s PE. Then we had French.


On Tuesday, we learned about binary code and used it to solve a hidden message. After break, we read chapters 9-12 of our class novel and answered questions about it. We also read a new poem called Nae Accoontin for Folk. Elyse, Taylor, JJ and Austin cooked with Mrs Withers. The rest of the class made a plan for our buddies for Friday. Then we had PE.


We created iMovies in groups. Some people learned different methods for division. Between break and lunch we learned about the value of the month, respect. We made posters of respect and what it means to this. Some people also conducted surveys around the school to gather opinions about respect. In the afternoon we had PE.


We learned to draw angles using protractors. Then between break and lunch we retold children’s story into Scots. After lunch, we learned about grit. Grit is all about perseverance. We created fact files of famous people who have grit like Lewis Hamilton, Amelia Earhart and Martin Luther King .


We evaluated our learning goals for the week. Then we learned about bearings. After break, we had the P6 learning assembly. After lunch we had leadership time with our buddies.

“I liked doing the iMovies” Corinne.

“I enjoyed doing the planning for the buddies” Joshua.

“I liked learning about people with grit” Elyse.

“I liked doing the binary code” JJ.

“I liked doing the iMovies because it was fun to do” Xander.

“I enjoyed doing work on bearings” Cameron.

“I liked doing iMovies because ours was so good” Alfie and Myles.

“I liked learning about bearings” Jamie.

“I liked planning for the buddies” Sophia.

“I liked when we made the iMovies because we could make movies about anything we wanted” Jackson.

“I liked making iMovies because it was fun to do with other people” Hollie.

“I liked doing the binary code” Austin.

Friday 3rd February 2023


We set our weekly learning goals. Then we read chapters 17-20 of our class novel. After break we had a bagpipe demonstration from Mr McGowan. After that, we had French with Mrs McGowan we learned about classroom objects.


We created iMovies to retell popular children’s stories. We will show them to our buddies on Friday. The digital leaders spent time creating a presentation for our visitors. We created our own Bee-Bot lands. We will show our buddies how to use Bee-Bots and they can use our new mats. After lunch we had PE, we learned the gay Gordon’s dance.


We learned about SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities. We debated how in demand water is around the world. Then, we made creations to help people in Abbey hydrate more sustainably. After break, we pitched the ideas to the rest of the class and gave feedback that was kind, helpful and specific using our ‘tickled pink’ and ‘green for growth’. After lunch, the school football team had a tournament. In class, we learned about the Article of the Week which was Article 8 – the Right to an Identity. We learned about differences and similarities.


We answered questions about our class novel. We also did letterjoin. After break, we continued with our iMovies. After lunch, we researched famous Scottish people as part of our topic.


We had assembly this morning.  After break we evaluated our learning goals and then did Free Write Friday. After lunch we had time with our buddies showing them our movies and how to work Bee-Bots!


Week beginning Monday 13th February 2023


We started the week with a HIIT workout from a coach. We had 30 seconds on/30 seconds off for 10 exercises such as burpees, punching, lunges, sprinters, mountain climbers and squat jumps. It was exhausting! After that we had literacy circles. After break, we read some of our class novel. Then we did a practice for the Burns Supper in the classroom. After lunch we learned about the Article of the Week. It was Article 13 – the right to share opinions. We ended the day with another assembly practice, this it was in the hall and we used the microphones for the first time!


Some people were out of class all day for the BBC Learning LAB video workshop, we can’t wait for the audio workshop on Monday and then we will have the finished product! Everyone  else went to the library – some of us read to nursery pupils. After that, we did Daily 10 to practice our addition skills and number recognition. After break we had an assembly practice in the gym hall. Then we went outside to enjoy the fit trail and some football! After lunch, we learned about SDG 5 – Gender Equality. We found out about gender equality statistics and about lots of things that are predicted to happen before there is gender equality in the world like bionic eyes (2030), transatlantic tunnel (2100), world’s first trillionare (2026) and landing on mars (2059). At the end of the day we had a final practice.


We evaluated our learning goals. We finally had our Burns Supper! It went really well. Then we had buddies in the afternoon – we started to create iMovies.

Week Beginning 20th February 2023


We had our Monday morning check in with Mrs Robbins. Then we set our learning goals for the week. After that, we did spelling. Our spelling patterns are i before e, qu and ue. Then we did literacy circles and then went to French. Some people had the BBC Learning LAB audio workshop.


We did numeracy first. The triangles were learning about multiplication. The hexagons were learning about multiplication of larger numbers with the grid method. The octagons were learning about word problems. After break we looked at two of the features of persuasive writing: rhetorical questions and facts/opinions. Mr Falconer took the football team for training. Then in the afternoon the whole school went to the gym hall to watch Inside Out. During it we went outside to do athletics with the NAAC athletics coach.


In the morning we continued our numeracy from Tuesday. After break, we read our class novel and then answered questions about it. We also practiced our spelling using the ransom spelling. After lunch, we learned about the article of the week. This week it was article 2 – no discrimination. Then we had football coaches from Kilmarnock come in to take our PE session. We worked on dribbling the ball.


In the morning we learned about line graphs in maths. After break, we did writing. We wrote persuasively about saving the planet. After lunch, we started our oceans topic. We had to find the 5 oceans on a map using an atlas. Then we researched the sealife living in these oceans.


In the morning we had assembly about Fairtrade Fortnight. After break, we evaluated our weekly learning goals. After lunch we had buddies.

“I  liked doing the athletics” Corinne.

“I liked watching Inside Out” John Paul.

“I liked Inside Out too” Frankie.

“I liked the football coaches” Cooper.

“I liked the football coaches as well” Ross.

“I enjoyed the athletics” Sophia.

“I enjoyed the athletics as well because I go to athletics” Joshua.

“I liked using the grid method because it was easy to use” Leah.

“I liked the athletics because the games were fun” Jackson.

“I liked the football coaches” Taylor.

“I liked athletics because it was fun” Hollie.

“I liked the athletics because I liked the games” Megan.

“I liked doing the persuasive writing” Alfie.

“I liked doing athletics because it was fun” Sophie.

“I liked doing the football coach games” Abii.

“I liked the persuasive writing because I enjoyed referencing my sources” Jamie.

“I enjoyed painting with Mrs Withers” Mays.

“I enjoyed making pancakes” Megan.

“I liked doing the ocean topic because it was fun” JJ.

“I enjoyed maths because I found it easy” Austin.

Week Beginning 6th March 2023


We set our learning goals for the week. Then we did spelling, the spelling patterns this week are aw, ght and qu. Then we had French with Mrs McGowan.


We did some assessments. We all had numeracy assessments and HWB assessments too. We learned about the value of the month which is kindness this month. After lunch we learned about the article of the week which was article 17 – access to information. Then we had PE where we learned about different types of netball passes.


We had visitors from the Social Subjects departments of Kilwinning Academy come to visit us for a transition visit. We learned about discrimination and prejudice. Then we had our Sumdog assessments. After lunch we had Kilmarnock football coaches. This week we worked on our passing skills. The school football team had a tournament and they did a great job!


In the morning we had yet another assessment to do. This time it was a maths assessment. Some of us also completed SNSA assessments. After break we created detailed plans for our writing all about saving oceans – linked to SDG 14. After lunch, we did science. We had plastic bottles wit filter paper in them. We then had different resources like rice, rocks and cotton pads. We had ‘dirty’ water that we had to try filter through the resources to clean it.


In the morning we had an the Segdoune assembly where P6 pupils said their speeches. Then we went back to class and voted for who we want to represent the school. After break we evaluated our goals, did free write Friday and literacy circles. After lunch we met with our buddies for the final time!

“I liked creating Robert Burns art” Leah.

“I enjoyed trying to filter the dirty water” Sophia.

“I enjoyed playing football” Corinne.

“I enjoyed the filtration experiment” Cameron.

“I enjoyed the maths assessment” Xander.

“I liked filtering the water” Jackson.

“I liked filtering the water too” Myles.

“I enjoyed the water because it was fun” Hollie.

“I liked doing the NSA” Alfie.

“I enjoyed the PE football with the Kilmarnock coaches. Joshua.

“I enjoyed football with the coaches” Sophie.

“I liked football and netball” Taylor.

“I liked football” Mays.

“I liked the coffee” Abii.


Start of week: 13th march


Firstly we did our Monday morning check in. Then we did our learning targets for the week. After that we read two chapters of our class novel in order to do word boost. After break, we read our connectors books for literacy circles, then we had Newsround, Wordle and Worldle. We then had French.


We had our writing assessment about saving the ocean first thing. After snack, we had literacy circles and Class novel chapters 45 to 47 so we could answer questions about the end of the book. After lunch, we did a Science experiment with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar for a volcano like explosion. Then we had netball for PE where we learned about defending.


In the morning, we had numeracy challenges. We then had word boost with Yes/No Questions. Letter join was also done before lunch. After lunch, we had PE with the Kilmarnock coaches.


In the morning, we went to the library. Then we had multiplication rotations. After break, we did literacy circles and then word boost rotations where we practiced spelling our word boost words using scrabble, play doh, morse code, hangman and word searches. After lunch, we learned about RRS article of the week and then we did a fun STEM activity where we had to made a harness for an egg and see how quickly it could go down a zip line! The quickest time was 0.62 seconds!!


First we had assembly. Then we picked our sandwiches for the first day in Arran. After break, we evaluated our learning goals, did free write Friday and had ketchup and pickles time. After lunch it was a learning café. Those who weren’t at the learning café did art related to our oceans topic.

“I liked doing the poster about the Oceans” JJ

“I liked doing the science experiments” Megan

“I also liked the science experiments too.” Mays

“I also like the Science” Jamie

“I liked doing the ocean posters” Abii

“I liked the Kilmarnock coaches” Leah

“I liked figuring out our rooms In Arran” Austin

“The football Coaches “ John Paul

“I loved the writing Assessments” Joshua

“I liked doing The Kilmarnock Coaches” Ross

“I enjoyed the Kilmarnock Coaches” Sophia

“I liked the football coaches” Frankie

“I enjoyed Finding Out the rooms for Arran” Cameron

“I liked getting my leavers Hoodie” Corrine

“I liked Netball “ Taylor

“I enjoyed Getting The leavers hoodies” Alfie

“I enjoyed Kilmarnock Coaches” Myles

“I enjoyed making egg harnesses” Xander

“Leavers Hoodies” Megan

“I liked football coach” Hollie

“Football Coaches” Sophie

“I liked finding out the rooms for arran” Cooper

Week Beginning 27th March 2023


On Monday morning we did spelling. We used a range of strategies to learn our words such as play doh, word searches, stamps and scrabble. After break, we watched newsround and played real new/fake news. We also did our daily wordle, worldle and globle. We also played Guess That Tune for the first time and we all really enjoyed it. Then we had French with Mrs McGowan.


In the morning Miss Ryland was in our class. We went to the book shop and then created posters about the P7 Residential. After break, we looked at the colour wheel and created egg art. The colours on the inside and outside had to contrast to make the egg stand out. After lunch we learned about the article of the week and then played dodgeball in PE.


First thing we did a murder mystery in teams. There were 5 clues and they were all in different codes. Each code allowed us to eliminate some suspects. We discovered that Jerry Sahota was the murder! After break, we had 2 STEM challenges. The first was to create a catapult for an Easter egg and see which could launch an egg the furthest. The second was to create an egg tower that would withstand and ‘earthquake’. In the afternoon we spoke about our Term 4 topic – countries. We decided on the countries we would like to learn about. Finally, we had football for PE with the Kilmarnock coaches. After school it was parents’ night we could visit the book shop to buy books.


In the morning we went to the library. Some of us got new books and we spent some time reading our books in a relaxing environment. After break we became crime scene investigators to solve another murder! This time Joe Bones was the victim. We had to test PHs, analyse fibres, finger prints and did some chromatography. We found out that Mario Maison was the murder this time. After lunch, we did some topic work where we had to create a new design to hold cans/bottles that wouldn’t harm marine life. We used materials such as cardboard and wood for our designs. In the afternoon we also spent some time with Evie from Kilwinning Academy.  After school some pupils competed in a netball tournament. They won 3 out of 4 games – well done everyone!


In the morning we did a maths hunt for outdoor learning. After break we had an Easter service assembly. After lunch we had an end of term quiz and all received some chocolate.

Have a great holiday everyone!

“I enjoyed having Evie over from Kilwinning Academy” Sophia.

“I enjoyed doing the egg art because it was fun” Xander.

“I enjoyed the netball tournament because we won” Sophie.

“I enjoyed doing the egg art because I liked using the ruler to create loads of lines” Myles.


Week Beginning 17th April 2023


We created learning targets for the week. Then we did spelling. Our words this week include the au sound, common words and homophones. Then we had Mrs McGowan, this term we are learning Spanish.


We voted for the class mascot. Mrs Milne and Mrs Mair came to visit from Kilwinning Academy. After break we predicted our class novel, did syllabification and some handwriting. After lunch, we did science. We learned about inheritance – it is genes we get passed from parents such as dimples, jawlines, hair colour, eye colour and facial shape. We looked at Mr Men/Little Miss characters and their children based on inheritance. After this, we played rounders for PE.


We learned about chance and probability in numeracy. Then after break we read chapter 1 of our class novel and answered questions about it. After lunch we learned the AotW – all about Earth Day. Then we had PE with the Killie coaches.


Some of us prepared and cooked chilli con carne with Mrs Withers. We also learned about budgeting and made our own budgets for a picnic. We then did our weekly writing – all about our Primary school. In the afternoon we started our topic this week we learned about Mexico. We tried Mexican food, listened to Mexican music and tried some salsa moves. We also learned a bit about Mexico like its history, flag and cities. Then we compared Mexico to Scotland.


We had assembly with Mr Falconer – we spoke about Earth Day. Then we evaluated our learning goals. We then played some listening and talking games and spent some time outside.

Leah “I liked writing about the school”.

Frankie “I liked the showing my moves off with the salsa dancing”.

Cooper ” I liked playing the mini games at PE ”

Ross “I liked the Killie coaches”.

Joshua “I liked the task we did with Evie”.

Misha “I liked playing Monopoly”.

JP “I liked the football with Killie coaches”.

Megan “I liked doing the budgeting”.

Elyse “I liked trying the Mexican food”.

Chloe “I liked PE”.

Abii “I liked the Killie coaches”.

Jamie “I liked wearing the Birthday hat”.

JJ “I liked the Kilmarnock coaches”.

Jackson “I liked doing the budgeting”.

Alfie “I liked creating the class mascot”.

Hollie “I liked the budgeting”.

Megan “I liked learning about budgeting”.

Taylor “I liked cooking Mexican food”.

Corinne “I liked doing rounders”.

Sophia “I liked cooking”.

Xander “I enjoyed playing rounders”.

Sophie “I enjoyed the cooking”.

Myles “I enjoyed doing the cooking”.

Austin “I liked the reveal of the class mascot”.

Week Beginning 24th April 


We set our learning goals for the week. We read chapters 2+3 of the novel to find our word boost words. We wrote detailed descriptions of our bedrooms in order to describe a setting and then we had Spanish with Mrs McGowan.


We learned about BODMAS it stands for Brackets, Operations, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. After break, we read chapter 4 and wrote a summary of it. We silent read chapter 5. We also did active spelling and letterjoin. After lunch, we had science where we learned about variations such as polar bears have thick fur to help them in their climate. Then we had PE, we learned about hockey.


We continued to learn about BODMAS in the morning. After break, we read chapter 6 and answered questions about chapters 5 and 6. We also learned about suffixes. After lunch, we learned about the Article of the Week (9, 20, 21, 25) it was all about care and adoption and doing what is in the best interest of the child. We finished the day with our final Killie coaching session.


We had a transition visit at Kilwinning Academy’s computing and business department.  We met the staff, played Kahoot, scratch and logos – all different things to do with our names. After that, we wrote biographies. In the afternoon, we learned about Japan. We learned that the capital is Tokyo, we cooked and tasted teriyaki chicken and we learned about blossom trees. Miss McGregor taught us 4 different ways to say hello in Japanese.


We had assembly – it was about getting active. Then we evaluated our learning goals. We then did some numeracy. After lunch, we did free write Friday and art.

“I enjoyed learning about BODMAS because it was interesting” Xander.

“I liked BODMAS because I could use division” Sophia.

“I liked learning about Japan and cooking Japanese food” Joshua.

“I liked doing hockey for PE on Tuesday because I learned a new sport” Abii.

“I learned how to score a tap in with the Killie coaches” John Paul.

“I enjoyed learning about the BODMAS because it was new to me” Leah.

“I enjoyed learning genes and variation” Frankie.

“I enjoyed the final week of the Killie coaches because I played against my friends” Cooper.

“I enjoyed the Killie coaches because I learned to pass to my teammates” Ross.

“I enjoyed doing the Killie coaches because I learned the name of one of the goals” Cameron.

“I liked doing the BODMAS because I haven’t done it in a while” Jamie.

“I enjoyed the BODMAS because it was a different layout” Elyse.

“I enjoyed painting with Miss McGregor because it was fun to mix different colours” Megan.

“I liked doing the painting because it was good” Mays.

“I liked the painting because it was fun. I learned that painting is not my strong point” Austin.

“I liked going to Kilwinning academy for transition and I learned to use a mouse” JJ.

“I liked doing my name animation at the academy” Jackson.

“I liked the painting because I learned to make brown” Hollie.

“I liked learning to make brown” Taylor.

Week Beginning 5th June 2023


On Monday, we started our day with Summer sale preparations. We had a whole school check in  before break. After break, we continued with Summer sale prep. After that, we had Spanish with Mrs McGowan. We learned about different objects. Then we took pictures of the different objects.


We practiced our songs for the P7 leavers assembly. We had our final preparations for the Summer sale. We learned about profit and loss. In the afternoon we went to McGavin Park with our P1 buddies.


We had the Super Sevens Summer Sale all day. We raised around £400! This will go towards our school trip.


We did our writing assessments all about writing informatively about countries. We researched Argentina and had to create a way to show our learning. Here is some of our work.


We wrote about the transition from P7 to S1 in less than 77 words for a competition. Then we finished our writing assessments if we didn’t yesterday. After lunch we did the blog and then had ketchup and pickles time. We finished the day with a show practice.

Days until Summer…13! (School Days)


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