P5C have had an amazing return to school.  Everyone is settling in well to routines and our class is beginning to feel like home. Miller

Literacy – We have started our new class novel The train to

Impossible  places. We have read the first chapter and made predictions about what will happen next.  Cooper

Numeracy – We have been revising multiplication facts and place value. Miss C has taught us some new games. Morven

HWB – We have been reading What We’ll Build by Oliver Jeffers to help us build a class community.  We have been learning about Article 29, Aims of Education.  We made our class charter to promote our rights. Jessica and Blair.

Class Chat

I’m can’t wait for our Outdoor Learning – Frida

I like my scrapbook and I added my name sculpture – Caelan

I like our writing table – Jaxon

We can’t wait to start our learning with Lego.  I am really excited about using Tinkercad – Cooper

Our Class

Friday 2nd September 2022


We are enjoying The Train to Impossible Places and we are starting chapter 3 next week. This week we have been  applying our prediction skills to images We can look for clues and make sensible predictions about what will happen next.


This term our writing focus is recounts.  We have been learning about the language features and structure of recounts.  We have been learning how to ‘hook’ our audience by writing an engaging introduction.


We have been working on subtraction concepts with exch

ange.  We found this a bit tricky at first but we are now much more confident.  We have been using our measurement skills to reshape objects in Tinkercad.  We have also been solving ‘Which One Doesn’t Belong’ to help improve our mathematical vocabulary.


We have been learning how to use Tinkercad. We have completed some of the learning modules and we can’t wait to get started. – Cooper.

Class Chat

We have made HWB targets to help us with team working during our Lego construction time. Kylah

I learned new subtraction skills this week – Jakob

I enjoyed Outdoor Learning. I was building 3D shapes – Jaxon

We made a tunnel during Outdoor Learning – Jessica and Caelan

I wrote a great recount introduction by ‘hugging the text’ – Miller

I’m really enjoying chapter 2 of The Train to Impossible Places – Kiyan

Friday, 9th September 2022

P5C had a super week and have made Miss C proud by always giving their very best. Well done P5C you have been enthusiastic learners and it is lovely to hear you speak about the learning in class with confidence. Miss C

Literacy – This week we have been learning another reading comprehension strategy – ‘Visualisation’.  We have been using clues from the text and our ‘Brain TV’ to create detailed pictures of Fletch from The Train to Impossible Places.  In writing we have applied our knowledge and skills by writing newspaper reports.  Our newspaper headline is ‘Local Hero Wins Medal’.

Numeracy – We have been improving our mental agility using ‘The Daily Ten’.  We have also been comparing and ordering

larger numbers using symbols. We have been taking part in Sumdog class challenges.

HWB – We learned lots during the Kindness Workshop and we know the three important ingredients to be kind are – being friendly, being generous and being considerate.

Technology – We are continuing with Tinkercad and some of us have already worked out how to change the work plane to Lego. We have Lego challenges to create, and we have been planning our projects estimating how many Lego brick we will need.

Today P5C created some beautiful artwork to pay respe

ct to the Queen.

I wish everyone a lovely and relaxing weekend. Miss C

Class Chat

I loved making a flower to pay respect to the Oueen – Kylah

I liked the superhero numeracy challenge – Frida

I made a super surprise box for Harry during the Kindness Workshop – Caelan

I learned how to add money amounts – Brooke

I liked drawing the story map for Local Hero Wins Medal – Jakob

Friday, 16 September 2022

Literacy – P5C have been writing a newspaper report using formal language, recounting facts and adding lots of detail.  We created a visualisation using our class novel ‘The Train to Impossible Places’. We looked for descriptive details of the locomotive and labelled our drawing.

Numeracy – We have been looking at house prices on Rightmove to help us work with big numbers. We have also been improving our estimation skills by using Esti-mysteries.

HWB – We created an emotions word mat to support our vocabulary.  P5C enjoyed visiting Kilwinning Library this week.

Friday, 23 September 2022


We have been reading The Train to Impossible Places. Our visualising task this week was challenging but we all tried our very best and created a visual representation of the steam locomotive.  We have also been using reading comprehension strategies to support us to tackle tricky and unfamiliar words.  We call this ‘Stop and Fix’

Numeracy and Mathematics

We have been learning about Information Handling.  We thought

about what makes a good graph and we learned that some graphs and charts can be misleading, so we need to learn skills to read graphs and charts correctly to make good decisions.  We created grouped frequency charts using football top trump cards.


We have been practising our Spanish song and we can do this brilliantly. We can also recite numbers to 20 in Spanish.

Class Blog by Caelan and Jakob

Friday, 30 September 2022

Numeracy and Mathematics

We have been learning about collecting and displaying data. We have been using bar and line graphs to display our data in way that is easy to read.  We have also been learning how to select an approriate scale and to justify our choices. In Numeracy we have been completing retrieval practice questions to help us remember previous learning.


We have been learning the phoneme ‘ee’ this week. We have been using phoneme charts, elkonin boxes and diacritical marking to support us to build spelling words from sounds.  This week we revised and extended our learning of apostrophes.


We are developing our roles within our construction teams.  We work together to complete Lego challenges. We have roles such as The Planner, The Questioner, The Organiser and The Presenter to help us work together creatively.


P5 are focussing on things they can do to support them when they face challenging times.  We know that everyone can face tough times and these times always pass.  To support us through challenges we reminded ourselves of three things we are grateful for. When we are unhappy we promised to think about these things to help us feel better.

Class blog by Jackson and Jaxon

Friday, 8 October 2022



P5 have been learning how to multiply and divide whole numbers by 10 and 100. We have been using place value columns to help us grasp this new concept.  We have been combining Mathematics with art to make some beautiful creations using polygons.


P5 have continued to read ‘The Train to Impossible Places’.  We were gripped to our seats when Suzy finally encountered Lady Crepuscula at the Tower. We have also been learning new vocabulary through Word Boost.  We learned how to find synonyms and antonyms belonging to our Word Boost words.  We have also been creating our own ‘yes or no’ and ‘who, what and where’ questions with our new vocabulary. We have finished our newspaper recounts and Miss C was extremely impressed with all the suggested ideas and super vocabulary used.


P5 have been perfecting their skills with the javelin and improving their fitness. Everyone enjoyed participating in sports activities at Kilwinning Academy today.  Our construction teams have worked hard this week and have created some creations with the coloured bricks.

A huge well done to Brooke and thank you for sharing your recent success at the gymnastics competition.

Class blog by Jessica and Amelia

Friday, 14 October 2022


P5C have been using the phoneme ‘ie’ to make words and separate sounds using diacritical marking.  We have also been learning about the History of Lego and how Lego Bricks are made. We learned that the first bricks were made in 1949.  We use a ‘stop and jot’ strategy to record new information, information that surprised us and new vocabulary.


We have been exploring multiples and working on explaining the patterns and rules. We have also been revising multiplication facts and creating fact families. We have been learning how to divide by 10 and 100 using place value girds.

Pupil Voice

We have been collecting our ideas for our Term 2 IDL. P5C chose to learn about Space and we have planned some exciting learning for next term together.  P5C are also voting for the new class novel. The learners have been asked to read the front cover and blurb, make a prediction about what will happen next and then vote for their favourite. Votes are still being counted.


We have been researching careers we are interested in. We looked at the skills and qualities we may need for our chosen career.

Term 2


Term 3


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