It’s nice to be back after a lovely holiday!

We have been very busy in our first week back at school. We all found out about our expectations as P7. We played ‘I spy’ in the class and we got to find out where things are kept and also our class routines.

H.W.B:  We tried lots of different soft starts like play dough , puzzles and games . Our favourite soft start was playdough.

We have had a Check-in every morning to see how we are all feeling.  This is good because it gives us all a chance to share things with Mrs Muir if we want to.

Everyone made a poster ‘All About Me’. We found out lots of interesting things about our new class friends. We also learned lots about Mrs Muir by completing a word search. Mrs Muir’s dog is called Millie and she is a lovely Cocker Spaniel.  We’d like to meet Millie some day!

We started reading a book called ‘What We’ll Build’.  We had interesting conversations about what we can build together and how we can help each other.

Literacy: We had a challenge to see who could make the longest word. We also took part in a visualising task where we read a text and then sketched and annotated what we thought it looked like.  We all enjoyed it and it was good to see all the different drawings.

Numeracy. After our quick calculations for revision we got on to making number pyramids and playing multiplication bingo .

French:  BONJOUR ! At French we made name tags with Mrs McGowan and had a French quiz .

P7s have all enjoyed the first week back.  We are excited to see what new things we will learn in Primary 7!


Friday 2nd September 2022

We have been very busy this week and we have been enjoying the good weather.

HWB: We have been developing our own leadership skills by working with the new primary 1s to help them with their confidence and social skills.

We have been enjoying the book ‘What We’ll Build ‘. We were working in groups of three and we built a structure using lots of different craft materials. It was good fun. We have been working on  building our class relationships and to respect each other.

Literacy: We have been reading our class novel Born to Run. We have also been working on Word Boost and using words from our class novel for it. Some of the words are quite tricky but the learning tasks help us all to develop a better understanding of the word meanings. We have started using Letter Join to help us with our cursive hand writing.  We created words with illustrations.  These are displayed on our class scrape book walls.

Numeracy: We have been playing interesting maths games to build our mental agility skills. This has improved our ability to add, subtraction, multiply and divide.

Outdoor Learning: Thanks to the lovely weather we enjoyed a scavenger hunt in the playground and field . It was good to work in teams and develop some communication skills.

For French this week we were learning the French alphabet.   We also had a French quiz.  We had to try and identify what some French people were saying.  This was quite tricky but was also fun to hear people speaking in a different language.

We are now looking forward to the weekend!

Friday 9th September 2022

Primary 7M  have had a very good week.

On our Outdoor Learning day the sun was shining and we went onto the field to taek part in a scavenger hunt.  We looked for feathers, ;eaves, flowers and some sticks.  We managed to find everything successfully!

For our gym time we stayed on the field and worked in groups to make games using a variety of equipment.  We had fun playing the games and got to share them with other groups in the class.


For our topic we ware working on developing the young work force and leadership roles.  It’s been great fun working as buddies to the P1 children, playing games with them outside and teaching them to develop their social skills.


During French we watched a film about the French Revolution.  We sang ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ in French.  It was tricky at first but great fun to learn!


For our handwriting we had to listen carefully to a shopping list dictation and write it down using our cursive script.  It was really hard and only 3 people got it right.  We are working on our listening skills!!


We have now created our Class Charter.  We looked at the Rights of the Child and talked about how that fitted into SHANARRI and helping children.  We then thought about how SHANARRI could be part of our school rules of Ready, Respectful and Safe.  We talked about what our Class Charter was going to be as a community in P7M.  We have pledged to keep our promise to keeping our new Class Charter.

Happy weekend! 🙂



Friday 16th September 2022

Health and wellbeing

Kindness assembly

We learned that if you are kind to one person it can affect other people because it passes on!  We also made a birthday card for Harry who was 14, we were introduced through the assembly to Harry. He has a terrible illness and misses a lot of school so we wanted to cheer him up.


For writing we were up levelling or sentences.  We used a storyboard with words and pictures.  We worked in pairs and rolled 2 dice to find the co-ordinates of pictures and words to use in our writing.  We wrote about a day in Abbey Primary. This was an awesome task!


For numeracy we have been revising division.  This is something that we all need to work on.  Our brain buster each morning is helping us learn the strategy of division.  Our Sum Dog homework helps us practise our times tables which will help us with division.

Library Visit

On Monday we went to Kilwinning  library and we split into groups . In Mrs Muir’s group we were choosing books and playing games. In the librarian’s group we were learning about how to use the library. We also got to see the trophy cabinet with the Silver Arrow because kilwinning is famous for archery.


On Monday we made a comic strip about meeting and greeting someone in French. We also practised our French song called Head, shoulders, knees and toes.


We are all looking forward to the weekend!


Friday 23rd September 2022

This week P7M have been working on our spelling strategies.  We have been learning how to spell words with the ‘soft c’.  There are many spelling strategies that we used when spelling.  The most popular were syllabification, words within words and diacritical marking.  It was good that we worked in pairs as this helped us to find different strategies to use.

We have been reading our class novel ‘Born to Run’.  It is a really  good book about a boy called Patrick and his dog called Best Mate.  We used some reading strategies to help us to understand the pages we read.  We created visual pictures of a paragraph from the book and labelled it with words and phrases from the book.

We have been working on our Leadership Skills with our Primary 1 buddies.  We have been thinking about what leadership means and how we can teach the P1 children new skills.  It is great fun to play with them outside on a Friday afternoon to see what skills they could work on.   We have been creating games that we can teach them to help develop their social skills and co-ordination.  Hopefully  the good weather will keep up and we will get outside soon to try out our games with them.  We are all looking forward to that!

In gym we have been working on our own co-operation and co-ordination skills. We have been playing team games, trying to encourage each other and work together.  Some of us are quite competitive!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Friday 30th September 

P7M have sadly said goodbye to Mrs Muir for a couple of months and we wish her well. We have also welcomed Miss B to our classroom and we are looking forward to having her.


This week is Maths Week Scotland. We had great fun with outdoor maths games and our tessellations. We all made some awesome patterns! We also investigated famous mathematicians, some of their work was very confusing!

Image preview

Image preview

Image preview


This week we have been doing recount writing. We retold the story of Ironmans first day at Abbey Primary School, which was a story we had created as a class. It was fun to look back on our story from last week.  We have also spent time reading our class novel ‘ Born to run’ and have been looking at tricky words inside the book.


For health and wellbeing we discovered signs of stress and found out some de-stressing tactics.  We also spoke about stressful situations and what they might look like for different people. We all agree that a hurricane is a lot more stressful than dropping a pencil on the floor!


We completed an assessment for meeting and greeting in French and an assessment for numbers in French up to 21. Then after that we practiced our song. On Monday we had a special European Languages assembly, we sang ‘Heads, shoulder, knees and toes’ in French to Primary 4, 5 and 6. It was pretty nerve wracking.

Have a great weekend everyone,  hopefully the rain stays away!




Friday 7th October

Literacy and writing

This week we did a recount on a short clip called Spy Fox. We also practised our spelling words outside using chalk, although the rain meant we had to come inside early. We read our class novel ‘Born to Run’ by Michael Morpurgo and looked at some of the tricky words during our Word Boost learning. We also visited the school library this week!



We used the bread to do fractions and decimal tenths. The children cut slices into ten pieces to talk about decimal tenths and parts of numbers. We think the bread really helped us to understand although it did make us hungry!

Some of us looked at rearranging numbers to help make our sums easier to work out, it was a bit tricky but we think we have got the hang of it.


This week we looked at ways to help cope with difficult emotions. We all had different ways to help so we shared these with our groups. Here are some examples, go outside, talk to people, listen to music, watch your phone.


We have been working on our Leadership skills by creating games to play with Primary 1. This week we went down to the gym hall to teach them how to play. We found it really tricky because sometimes the Primary ones didn’t listen to our instructions but we had fun playing with our buddies.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!



Friday 14th October

Numeracy and Maths

We were taught how to tell the time using AM and PM.  Miss B told us to write a time down on a whiteboard and fastest to show the correct time got a raffle ticket. This was lots of fun and made us think really hard, we all got the answers right!

We also kept practicing our decimals and fractions and started looking at percentages. The circles group looked at using two brackets in their sums.


We had another look at recount, this time focusing on paragraphs. We read the three little pigs and tried to rewrite it from memory and add more detail. We have also been focusing on our reading comprehension skills, like skimming and scamming a text for key words.

HWB and P.E

We had a go at some athletics activities during PE this week. We tried the speed bounce, standing long jump and the hurdles!


We have been looking at perspective art. Trying to show things getting further away. We created our own fish tanks and then used pens and poly pockets to make our own water colour paints, this was really cool!


Today was our last day with the primary 1’s until after the Christmas holidays. We have loved being their buddies and learning new leadership skills when playing together. See you soon!


We hope everybody has a lovely October holiday. See you back at school on Tuesday 25th October!





Friday 28th October


We have read lots more of our class novel, Born to Run. We have been answering questions based on the book and thinking about how the characters are feeling. The book is getting a little sad but we are looking forward to seeing how it will end. We also practiced our dictation this week, some of us found it tricky to listen and write at the same time! We are going to keep practicing this. On Thursday we rewrote some of our common words for spelling, creating pictures and rainbow writing!


Started our new Topic, WWII. We are really, really excited to learn all about the war. This week we started by looking at what countries in Europe were involved. We coloured in a map and couldn’t believe the amount of axis against allies in Europe!


We have been practicing our addition and subtraction using chimney sums.  As well as using different strategies such as partitioning to help with our mental maths. We really loved getting to write our sums on the tables to practice!

Outdoor Learning

We are very excited in P7M as we have the opportunity as a class to fix up one of our outdoor spaces! We went out this week to have a look at what needed to be done to fix it up! We think it might take a while to clear away all of the old plants. In groups we worked together to create a plan for the space, some people want to build a climbing frame and others want to make it a garden for fruit and vegetables.

Hope everyone has a fantastically spooky weekend celebrating Halloween!






Friday 4th November



This week we looked at personification and onomatopoeia in our writing. We wrote about bonfire night and a fireworks display. We focused on adding lots of description to our writing to make it exciting for people to read. Miss B was really proud of how hard we all worked.


We all looked at measure this week. We talked about millimetres, centimetres and metres. We then had to use our rulers and metre sticks to measure things in the classroom. It was quite tricky to make sure everything was accurate.

The hexagons group started to look at function machines this week, we found it really challenging so are going to practice more next week! The circles started to use partitioning and brackets to help solve multiplication sums.

Outdoor Learning

This week we were lucky enough to let parents join us for our outdoor learning. We have been looking at the UNCRC and what rights we have. Article 24 and Article 27 talk about the right to food and shelter. We went outside and worked in teams to create a den (shelter) we also had a small fore to roast marshmallows, it was so FUN!


The 2nd of November is Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead). We used this as a theme for our art lesson. We used different coloured paper to create shapes and symbols to decorate skulls just like they do in Mexico.

Enjoy the fireworks, Stay safe everyone!




Friday 11th November


This week we looked at Ransom Spelling to try and learn our new spelling words. It was messy but it was good fun! We also wrote poems about Remembrance Day. We tried to include rhyming words. Miss B was so proud of us. Mrs Robbins and Miss Haines even shared our poems at assembly!


We looked at rounding decimals this week during numeracy. The circles group looked at the order of operations. During Maths we all looked at Area and Perimeter and Mrs Withers showed us how to use a trundle wheel to measure the perimeter of the corridor.


This week we discussed worries. We spoke about what worries we have, and how they are linked to anxiety and stress. We also spoke about different kinds of ‘what if’ worries and how sometimes our worries belong to other people. We are really happy to be talking about these things in the classroom. We also have a worry box that we can use to share our worries with adults if we need help.


This week we added pyramids and rolls into our gymnastics stations. They were really tricky but look how well we have done!

Topic – WWII

This week we looked at ways that people had to stay safe during an air raid. We looked at gas masks as well as Anderson and Morrison shelters. Miss Haines was kind enough to bring in her own gas mask and helmet from home for us to look at and try on. Thank you Miss Haines!

Community Police Officers

Last week we had a visit from our local community police officers. They were here to answer all of our questions about being in the police and what jobs they had to do. We were also spoken to about bullying and name calling as well as hate crime and how serious the consequences can be.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. See you next week!





Friday 21st December

We have been so busy during December that we have forgotten to keep the blog up to date!

We spent lots of time practicing for our Christmas Performance ‘No one wraps like an elf!’  It was a huge success and we enjoyed coming together with everyone from the upper school to learn the lyrics to the songs.

Writing and Literacy

We have been using our knowledge of WWII to create narratives. We have written imaginative writing pieces based on The Blitz and The Holocaust. We have also looked at the importance of feedback and using feedback to improve our work. We have edited and planned for our writing this term and we are really proud of our stories.


This term we have looked at different spellings words containing ‘C’ and ‘y – ies’. This week we looked at tricky Christmas words!


Outdoor Learning

We started to tidy up The Middle Courtyard this week. It was really fun to pull out all the weeds and look at ideas of what we can use the space for.


We have been revising decimals and area this term. This past fortnight we have completed two assessments! Miss B was very proud of us, we have also been completing some Christmas maths challenges.

Bud Bus

We were really lucky to be visited by The Bud Bus which is an interactive museum on wheels all about Remembrance and Poppies.  We thought it was really interesting and fun. We also got to make our own poppies just like they do at the Lady Haig factory in Edinburgh.





Friday 13th January 2023


As it is January we have started looking at Robert Burns and poetry. This week we learned all about the elements of poetry and we started to look at Scots language. Did ye ken, we knew a lot a words! We looked at the poem Mrs Nae Offence by Gregor Steele, it is quite cheeky and we found it quite funny! We also looked at our new Word Boost words for The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Some of them are really tricky.


We looked at a map of Scotland and tried to find places on it. It was so tricky because Scotland is so bumpy and is hard to see places. We didn’t realise how far away Edinburgh is on a map. We got to work with our friends which helped make it easier.


We have started our Scotland / Robert Burns topic to get us ready for our Burns Supper in February. This week we learned a bit about Burns and Scotland. We had to research and create a poster based on anything Scottish. It is interesting to learn about our country and all of things we do and say!


We have started to practice some Scottish Country Dances. This week we have learned the Canadian Barn Dance and The Military Two-step.

Have a lovely weekend!


Friday 27th January


This week we took a class vote to select our new novel. We are going to start reading The Nowhere Emporium. It looks really exciting as it is about a magic shop. We have been looking at more poetry by different poets. We also rewrote traditional children’s storys in Scots Language. It was really fun and our stories turned out great!


Our value of the month is respect. We had a big class discussion about different ways to show respect and disrespect in the school and community. We then create posters to raise awareness of respect and some of us completed surveys around the school.


This week we practised the Canadian Barn Dance and the Military Two-Step. We also started to learn The Gay Gordons, it was really funny because Miss B used the wrong music, it went way too fast and some of us fell over!

We’ve got it all sorted now and we are almost professionals.


We learned all about Steven Brown and his famous McCoos. We then tried to recreate our own using oil pastels.

We also celebrated Burns Night by having some Irn-Bru and Shortbread. It was delicious and we ate it so quickly that Miss B didn’t have time to take a picture of us enjoying it! Thank you Mrs Robbins for our lovely treat. It makes us very proud to live in Scotland.

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