Welcome to our P6R Blog.  We will share our exciting learning experiences with you, and you will be delighted at the knowledge we have gained and the skills we have developed!

22nd – 26th August 2022

We have had a busy start to the year.  We are working hard and being really focused on our tasks!!!   Everyone has enjoyed playing games and using technology to help get to know everyone else.  We feel like a community already.

What We’ll Build

Everyone now knows the story ‘What We’ll Build’ by Oliver Jeffery.  It is all about a father and his daughter going places and building houses and doors together and finding places to hide and have fun together.  We have used what we have learned to help us build our class community.  We have shared our views on what words like community, love, friendship and collaboration mean.  We also made hearts showing what we love and created friendship hands.  These hands tell  everyone what qualities make a good friend.  We love this story and it will help us with our friendships.


STEM – Design a city challenge

We had to work as two large teams to design a city and we had to choose what each of us wanted to put into our section of the city.  We discussed as a team what we wanted to put in our own section, making sure that it was different from everyone else’s.    We were only allowed to collaborate for 10 minutes then we were all silent!  Nobody communicated again until our city was completed.  We used lots of problem solving skills to make sure our roads all matched, our supermarkets crossed over sheets and we included everything that we decided.  It was so much fun.  We also enjoyed having a stop and share session and liked giving each other feedback.

Place Value – Expanded form

In numeracy this week we used a number generator wheel and playing cards to identify random numbers to make up 5 digit numbers.  We then used expanded form to split the digits up to identify what each number represented, for example 5432 would be 5000 400 30 2.  We had great fun using technology and playing cards to identify the 5 digit numbers we were working with!

Our class motto is Teamwork makes the dream work.

We have been working on much more this week too, will tell you all about it on our next Blog!  Thank you  Max M ,  Kailyn  , Ruairidh, Harry  and Kerr.

29th August to 2nd September

We have had another very busy week!


We have really enjoyed playing games and completing STEM challenges first thing in the morning for our ‘soft start’.  We don’t always play play with the same people everyday or the same activity.  We get to choose what to play and who to play it with.    We are really enjoying this time of the day.


STEM Challenge – Starburst

Mrs Reid set us a STEM challenge this week.  We  hade to create a starburst picture. First draw two big dots and 10 little dots.  We then had to join the little dots to the big dots, so for every little dot it joined both big dots.  We used a ruler to join the lines from the dots.  We had to hold the ruler tight to make the lines weren’t curvy!  We then went over the lines with a black pen to make them stand out and be bold.  Finally, we coloured them in to make them bright.  Everyone made sure their Starburst picture stood out!

We can’t wait to share our learning next week!  Emily

Monday 5th – 16th September

We have been very, Very busy over the past couple of weeks.

In numeracy we have been learning about the best ways to organise calculations to be able to solve problems, using a special rule called BODMAS – Brackets Operations Divide Multiplication Addition Subtraction.  This was tricky at the start, but we showed our resilience by keeping going until we could solve calculations using BODMAS on our own.  We now love it!  We have also been converting units of measure and using a variety of measuring equipment to measure items in our classroom and wider school environment.

In literacy we have continued to  read our novel ‘Kasper Prince of Cats’.  We have enjoyed taking turns to read aloud to our friends, we even read outdoors, it was lovely to share a story at the log circle.   We have developed our understanding of this fab book through two reading strategies, we have used questioning and summarising.  We enjoyed a group visualising challenge.  We had to create a large scene from the story, each person had to contribute to the large scale visual, adding the parts of the chapter that they remembered.  We loved this.  #teamworkmakesthedreamwork


Planning our outdoor space – STEM

As part of out outdoor learning day we worked with a partner or in trios to design our ideal outdoor playground space.  We had to consider the physical space we had, the money we would be able to spend and what we thought our peers across the school would want to see in the school grounds.  We developed our ideas into a floor plan, then presented the plans to each other.  We are going to share our ideas with Mrs Robbins!

Expressive Arts – Keith Haring

We have been learning all about the life and times of Keith Haring.  We investigated his life, analysed his artwork and sculptures, then had the opportunity to create our own piece of Keith Haring style art!  We loved learning about him and showing our own creativity, using a variety of examples of his work.

School of Kindness Workshop

The whole school took part in the ‘School of Kindness’ workshop.  We enjoyed learning about what kindness actually is, and the positive impact being kind has on us and the people we are kind to.  We made ‘kindness chains’ for Harry, who is going into hospital.  We wrote a kind / positive message on each chain, and worked as a class to join each positive message together.  It was lovely to take part in a whole school workshop.  We are going to spread kindness like confetti!!

We have had a very busy two weeks and we can’t wait  to tell you more very soon!

19th to 23rd September

In numeracy we have been learning how to x by 10, 100 and 1000.  We have all managed to learn how to do this, so next week we will look at dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.  We love a challenge!  We have completed some problem solving related to the number of people and available lifeboats on the Titanic!

In literacy we have continued to read our novel ‘Kasper Prince of Cats’.  We have used questioning to help us this.  We had to create questions about the chapter we were reading and we got a partner to answer them.  This helped us to really understand what happened in that chapter.  We also used a variety of strategies for spelling j, g and dge words.  We have mastered this!

Health and Wellbeing – We have read the book called ‘Bottled’ it really made us think about our feelings and how important it is not to ‘bottle’ them up.  We all experience different feelings and we should share them.  We all created our own emotion bottle and and tried to colour it the colour we thought represented the emotion.  We made a lovely display, that we shared with our peers, it is in the corridor!

Mrs R Reads – Mrs Reid has been working hard too, by reading and using a variety of strategies and resources from some new writing resources.  The new ideas have really helped us improve our writing, by providing ‘action frames’ and ambitious vocabulary to help us with our own writing.  Everyone has been writing exciting paragraphs and creating their own action stories.

We have had a very busy week!!!  Vinnie


26th September to 7th October

We have had a very very busy couple of weeks in P6R.

In numeracy we have been learning how to divide by 10, 100 and 1000.  It was challenging at first and now we can all do it!  We celebrated Maths Week Scotland by taking part in lots of hands on learning experiences.  We used maths in expressive arts.  We learned how to use tessellation in art, we created our own tiles, we learned all about counting the beats in music to create our ownPercussion Palindrome’.

We also looked at different types of lines and the directions of lines to create our our own Piet Mondrian style art.

In literacy we have continued to read Kasper Prince of Cats, it is a beautiful story and we all love how it ties into all our learning about Titanic.  We have used visualising, so show our understanding of the text.  We have continued to use Letterjoin, to write in cursive in all of our written tasks.  We are really impressing Mrs Reid when writing Recount pieces.  We are retelling events from different points of view.  We are all trying hard to use our Word boost words in our writing!


In Digital Technologies, we have been learning how to code using ‘Scratch’.  We have created characters, added setting and programmed our characters to move and speak.  We have been loving learning how to programme.  We are going to continue to use algorithms to programme and animate.  Our animations are becoming more and more complex.


IDL – Titanic

We have continued to investigate what life was like for those who were on the Titanic.  We spend time looking at the many different people who were on board the Titanic when the disaster happened.  We had to identify one person from 1st, 2nd or 3rd class and create a Power Point to teach everyone else all about them.  There were soooooo many interesting characters to investigate!  We developed many digital technology skills, when we were creating our Power Points.

We can’t wait to share our learning with you again soon!  Sophia W and Sophia A

10th to 14th October – Final blog of Term 1


Term 2 –  Oct to December – Highlights

We had an extremely busy Term 2.  We loved performing in our school Show, ‘No one wraps like an Elf’.  It was hard work singing all the songs and learning the actions for the songs, but we were amazing!  Lot’s of us had parts in the show, we learned our lines well, and delivered the lines with confidence!

Here are some highlights from Term 2

Numeracy – Addition and Subtraction – Times tables – Area

Literacy – Novel – Charlie turns into a Chicken and a variety of subjects read about in our Connector books.

IDL – Our amazing Universe – All things Space – All children identified an area they wanted to research on a Space area of interest!

Genius Hour – We all identified a subject that we wanted to research further.  An area of interest to us.  We shared our learning with our peers.

OTI – Mrs Reid completed Module 2 of the Outstanding Teacher Intervention.  The focus for us all was on giving effective feedback.  We all know that when we give feedback to each other it should be KIND, SPECIFIC and Helpful!

Enterprise – We created chocolate bars, cakes and sweet treats, which were sold at the Christmas Fayre , and to all of the classes.  We loved having our own class Chocolate Company.  We hope to make some more sweet treats, to raise some money, next term!

This is just a snap shot of our term!  We have worked so hard, and Mrs Reid is very proud of us.

Term 3 – January 

Here are some of our January highlights!  We have settled back into school after our Christmas holidays, and have made sure that we have been Ready, Respectful and Safe.  We have worked extremely hard this month.  Mrs R is proud of us……she has even been doing some of her cringey dancing!

We enjoyed having a visit from our Community Police Officer.  We discussed internet Safety, and the ways to stay safe when we are online.  We had no idea, that people can easily find out personal information about you, when you are on your laptop or phone.  It really made us think

Class Assembly – Friday 27th January – We worked very hard to learn a great deal about Global Goals, read the story of Greta Thunberg, and develop an understanding of all the ways that we can protect our world.  We shared our learning at our class assembly.  We were able to sing some beautiful songs, act out the story of Greta and the Giants, and hopefully encourage everyone to think about the positive impact they can have on our world.

Respect Me - How would I like to be treated by other people?

Respect Me – We have discussed as a class what ‘Respect’ means and how we can show respect to each other.  We decided in our class respect means ‘to treat other people the way we like to be treated’.  We designed posters for Mrs Robbins to display around the school, to encourage our peers in other classes to respect each other too!

A Red, Red Rose –  We learned the poem ‘ A Red, Red Rose’ , by Robert Burns.  We loved that the poem was about showing someone you loved them, as love is one of our values.  We learned what the poem was about,  translated the poem from Scots to English, and drew our own beautiful roses.   Some of our class have practiced the poem, to take part in a local school competition.

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