Friday 26th August 2022

Welcome to our Primary P6Ch blog!

We have had a fantastic start to the year and are looking forward to continuing our learning journey together.

The children would love to share with you some of things they have been learning this week:

On Monday we learned about Venn diagrams and used them to explore things we had in common. We read the story What We’ll Build and thought about the things that make us feel at home.

On Tuesday we did art with Miss Breingan and completed a stem challenge, working in groups to make the tallest paper tower. After that we took part in a quiz.

On Wednesday we started our French topic. We made a list of all the things we already knew and the things we would like to learn in French this term. We also learned about Carroll diagrams.

On Thursday and Friday, we wrote a poem about the things that make us feel at home using our five senses. We also took part in a team challenge to build a bridge strong enough to hold a tin can using only paper, scissors and glue.

We have had a very fun week!

Friday 2nd September 2022

We have had another busy week in Primary 6Ch!

We began our week with Health and Wellbeing, with a focus on exploring the range of emotions we can feel and how different people in the same situation can experience different emotions. We charted Elsa’s emotions through the song ‘Let it go’ and observed how our own emotions change throughout the day.  

We introduced our Titanic Interdisciplinary Learning topic by assuming the role of ship passengers and reflecting on their different experiences on board.  

In French we learned about the geography of France and studied the work of French artist Claude Monet. We then painted our own impressionist inspired artwork using sponges and our fingers.  

For our outdoor learning this week we began a textiles challenge: to create a piece of wearable art using resources found in our environment. We then took our Titanic learning outdoors and became oceanographers, searching for artefacts and recording our observations. 

Friday 9th September 2022

This week our class, together with the whole school, took part in a School of Kindness Workshop delivered by the charity 52 lives. We explored what kindness means and how we can show this. We then put our learning in to action to create something to show support for a young person in need of kindness. The children exemplified our school value of kindness in their thoughtful responses to this task and were a credit to Abbey Primary School. 

Here are some of the other highlights of our week: 

In Literacy we read our class novel, Kaspar Prince of Cats and began our Word Boost programme using words from the text. This week’s words are misdemeanour, flourish, jaunty, infamous, sleek, prowl and tentatively; practice using these words in conversation at home! 

In maths we looked at the properties of 3D shapes and then worked together to build our own.  

During outdoor learning we searched for facts about the Titanic and compared the length of the Titanic to that of the school playground. We also investigated sinking and floating and made predictions about what would happen to different objects. 

In Textiles we continued our challenge to design our own headpieces using resources from the environment.  

Friday 16th September 2022 

We have had another fantastic week in Primary 6Ch! Here are some of our highlights: 

In Literacy we developed our writing skills in the context of our class novel, Kaspar Prince of Cats. We discussed the characters Mrs Blaise and Countess Kandinsky and wrote our own descriptions for each character. 

In Maths we continued our work on the properties of 3D shapes, drawing and building nets of different shapes. 

In Health and Wellbeing, we have continued to develop our emotional literacy by considering how our bodies respond to different emotions. We have also been developing our passing and movement skills in the context of netball.  

We continued our investigation of the Titanic by considering what people at the time meant by ‘unsinkable’. We learned about buoyancy before applying our learning in a STEM challenge to create a foil boat. We put our boats to the test, gradually increasing the weight they held, and recorded our observations. Even though some of our designs were more successful at floating than others (we had a few sinking ships!) we thought like engineers and used our observations to make improvements, demonstrating fantastic STEM thinking!

Friday 23rd September 

We have had another fun filled week in P6Ch! 

This week we had the opportunity to extend our literacy learning beyond the classroom with a trip to Kilwinning Library. We had a brilliant time learning more about the library, enjoying the books and engaging in arts and crafts. The children were invited to become library members and apply for their own library card; forms were sent home on Wednesday for those who would like to do so.  

In maths we have been developing our knowledge of shape and enjoyed having the chance to share our learning in this area during our Tuesday Twitter takeover! In numeracy we have been working hard to develop our mental addition and subtraction strategies, and knowledge of multiples. 

Our highlight of the week was creating our own headdresses using recycled materials including newspaper; don’t they look fantastic! 

Looking ahead to next week, a reminder that Monday is European Languages Day; the children are invited to dress in their favourite country colours. 

Friday 30th September 

We have had a busy week in P6Ch, celebrating both European Languages Day and Maths Week Scotland! 

Here are some of our highlights: 

To celebrate Maths Week Scotland, we explored maths in the context of our Titanic topic and created a timeline of events. We learned about Morse code and how it was used to send messages on the Titanic, before writing and performing our own messages. We also took our maths learning outdoors, using our problem-solving and teamwork skills to navigate a safe path through a maze.  

To support our learning on European Languages Day, we used our research skills to explore the flags of our favourite countries and created a fact file about French artist Claude Monet. We then used our problem-solving skills to recreate French landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre, using Lego! 

In Literacy there was a shock in store for us in Kaspar Prince of Cats (we won’t spoil it for you here!). We shared our personal responses to the story and revisited our predictions made before reading to see if they were correct. 

In Health and Wellbeing, we read the book Oliver Jeffers’ ‘Stuck’ and shared the ways that we can help ourselves to become ‘unstuck’.  

We had a great week! 

 Friday 7th October

We have a had a brilliant week in Primary 6Ch! Here are some of the highlights the children would like to share:

This week we learned more about the Titanic and who was to blame for the disaster. We discussed in groups who we thought was most to blame and debated our answers.  

We also learned about Eva Hart who survived the sinking of the ship. We wrote our own descriptions of the event from Eva’s point of view. 

In maths we worked on our addition strategies and played maths games together.  

In art we learned about Pointillism. We used cotton buds to create a picture of a leaf or an umbrella, using only dots. 

In RME we learned about the story of Daniel and Lions’ Den and drew our own storyboards.  

We have learned a lot this week!

Friday 28th October

Welcome back to our P6Ch blog! We have had a fantastic week re-establishing our classroom routines and reflecting on our learning from Term 1 through our learning conversations and during our learning café. Here are some of our Term 1 highlights:




Our new Interdisciplinary Learning context for Term 2 will be Space. This week we shared what we would like to learn about this topic and the questions we would most liked answered; we can’t wait to get started!

Friday 4th November

We have had another brilliant week in Primary 6!

Our learning focus for Health and Wellbeing this week has been understanding that we all feel worried sometimes. We used drama to explore some of things which might make us feel worried before sharing our own ideas.

Our Numeracy and Maths focus for this week has been data handling. We learned how to accurately draw bar graphs and supported each other’s learning through peer assessment.

Our Literacy focus this week has been reading aloud with confidence, expression and fluency in the context of our class novel Kaspar Prince of Cats. We developed our understanding through questioning and enjoyed discussing our personal response upon finishing the novel.

We enjoyed celebrating Halloween as a class with a fantastic team-building challenge – we created some very scary mummies!

We learned about the potential hazards that may be encountered around fireworks and how these can be minimised to ensure everyone enjoys bonfire night safely. We made informative posters to share our learning and created some eye catching firework art.

Friday 11th November 

We have had a lovely week together in P6Ch. Here are some highlights from the children in their own words:

In maths we learned about bar graphs and fractions.

We did space activities outside,  placing the planets in order from the sun. We took turns orbiting around the Sun as different planets. We drew the solar system in our learning journals.

We made poppies yesterday for all of the soldiers and people who served in the war.

24th February 2023

Welcome back to our blog page! We have had a fantastic start to Term 3. Here are some highlights to share:

Our Interdisciplinary learning context for this term is Climate Change and Global Goals. This term P6 accepted the challenge to spread the word about the Global Goals, and the importance of taking action.

This week our focus has been on Goal 15: Life on Land. We learned that animals have adapted to thrive in their natural habitats, and that the destruction of these environments can have a devastating impact.

In Expressive Arts we have continued our Eco theme, learning about different energy types and how the transfer of energy can be represented through movement.

As part of our Literacy programme this term, we have had the privilege of welcoming  local storyteller Betty Skelton. We have enjoyed exploring Scottish tales, fairy tales, myths and legends as well as developing our own skills as storytellers!

The theme of this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week was Let’s Connect. As a class, we explored the ways we are connected, sharing the things we have in common and celebrating those things which make us unique. We built a chain to represent the different ways we are connected as a class community.

10th March 2023 

We have had another exciting week in P6! Here are some of our highlights that we would like to share with you: 

I enjoyed learning how to do chimney sums in maths.  

In Spanish we revised our numbers. I enjoy getting to learn new languages! 

I really enjoyed the music masterclass because I enjoy learning new instruments and developing my musicianship skills. My favourite part was learning the cup song! 

My favourite part of the week was the music masterclass. I liked playing music using the cups! 

My favourite part of the week was the art masterclass. We created sound creatures. You listen to music and then draw using anything you want to create your creature. 

My favourite part of the week was the music masterclass. I enjoyed learning to play the cups! 

My favourite part of the week was dancing in PE. We learned about the canon technique, where you copy the same move as your partner, one after another.   

I enjoyed challenging myself to create many different sums in maths. I also enjoyed writing a persuasive letter to stop deforestation and using powerful language like disgusting, disgraceful and furious! 

I really enjoyed our active maths activities, creating my own fractions and challenging my partner! 

My favourite part of the week was the drama masterclass and playing basketball in PE.  

I really enjoyed doing drama at the masterclass and playing basketball in PE. I am proud that I am developing my teamwork skills 

I enjoyed the art masterclass. We listened to different noises then drew what we thought they sounded like! 

My favourite part of the week was getting to do art at the art masterclass! 

Friday 17th March 2023

As part of British science week, we continued our investigation into climate change, this week focusing on water pollution and the danger it poses to Life Below Water. We explored the science of oil spills, before using what we had learned to create our own ocean inspired mixed media pieces using oil pastels and watercolours. 

Our value of the month for March is kindness. In health and wellbeing, we thought about how kindness can have a ripple effect – when we show kindness it spreads! We created kindness comic strips to show how kindness can spread. During our outdoor learning time we played team building games. We thought about how we could show kindness by encouraging our team-mates and how we could ensure our feedback to each other was kind, helpful and specific. 

Friday 21th April 2023

What a lovely sunny start we’ve had to Term 4!

Here are some of our highlights:

I enjoyed practising my drawing skills in art. We practised our observational drawing skills which means drawing what you see. 

I enjoyed Free write Friday. I love that we can write whatever we want! It’s fun to get your mind working.  

I loved our spelling activities this week! We had to roll a dice and whichever number we landed on we had to complete the matching challenge. Our favourites were writing with the opposite hand and with our eyes closed!  

My favourite part of the week is our library time. I enjoy reading books by the author Pamela Butchart. 

Just being back – I enjoyed everything about this week! 



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