Good morning everybody and welcome to Primary 4/5’s blog. You can find updates here each week on what we have been doing in class.

August 21st

Each morning, we do our morning challenge, which involves doing timetables, and we have to try to identify if there are any mistakes on the board. We also have to name the shape and find the properties of it. This helps us with our learning and it calms us down when listening to the music.  The morning challenge helps our brains work and gets us focussed for the rest of the day.

On a Tuesday, we have a new teacher called Miss Maxwell. She is very nice and she will be teaching us every week, which we are excited about. We look forward to learning with her.

When we were learning to create our name tangles, we had to ensure the first letter of our name touched the top, side and bottom.  We watched a video on the smart board to give us ideas on how to present it on paper.  The video helped a lot.

We also learned how to write down different names of our families and things we like to do out of school but we had to do this in a 3D way, which helps us learn about different shapes, sizes and lines.  We think it would be a good idea if we were able to discuss or share with our classmates so we can get to know each other a little more and this will help us make friends.

The book we have been reading within class is called, “What we’ll build”.  This teaches us about working together as a team. We will build kindness and respect for everyone and everything around us, including our school.

Our class novel is called ‘The butterfly lion’. We had to predict what was going to happen within the book. This allowed us to write our own story. We also had to think what is going to happen next by reading the chapter before.

September 1st

We were learning about feelings and emotions.  We have a check in board to explain how we are feeling when we come into the classroom in the morning. This helps Mr Falconer and the class understand how we feel.  We were exploring everyone’s facial expressions to help identify how our class are feeling.

Our topic for this term is Lego. We are learning about the different landmarks within Kilwinning.  Each group picked their own landmark and had to find out facts and make a PowerPoint with all the information. This also helped us learn about things we did not know about the landmarks.

Reading Butterfly lion we are learning how to predict what happens in each chapter.  This is helping us to use our brains to think what is going to happen next.  We feel excited trying to predict what is next.

We have started reading within our groups and are using many different types of books.  Before starting our book, we had to explore the front cover and read the blurb and title, then identify what we thought the book was going to be about. This type of book is non – fiction and it states facts.  We were allowed to pick a coloured face then we had to read that page out to our group.  The books were interesting.

Miss Maxwell is teaching us all about Science on Tuesday. We were learning about gravity and force. We found this very interesting and look forward to learning more.

October 1st

In class during our numeracy time, we have been learning about perimeter.  We had to use Lego pieces to create shapes and then find the perimeter. You have to measure all the sides and add them together to find the full perimeter.  We measure our perimeter in centimetres.

Within in our groups we were learning to make our own comic strips.  This was to fit in with our topic, which is Lego.  When we complete our comic strips, we are going to make an iMovie.  The comic strips are fun and interesting as we are able to get everyone’s ideas to help make it.  We are excited to make the iMovie and be able to watch everyone else’s.

We as a class were able to participate and watch an assembly about kindness.  The assembly taught that being kind makes us live longer and being kind gives us a healthier heart.  Being kind to others teaches them to be kind to the people around them and it also makes you feel good, our brain realises what you hold inside.  We made paper chains and posters for Harry who is part of 52 lives.

Miss Maxwell was helping us learn some Spanish.  We were learning and identifying numbers from 0 – 20. It is hard but it is good fun.

November 1st

On Monday we went to Kilwinning library. We had lots of fun spending time in our local library and got the chance to read some new books. We also learned a little about local traditions such as the Papingo archery competition.

Mr Falconer read The Butterfly lion to us in the school library.  We then had to work as part of team to make a timeline of what we remember from the book.  The timeline had to be made up of texts and pictures. We enjoyed doing this because it was fun and helped us learn how to recap on what we read.

For our handwriting, we had to do three sentences and to ensure they were joined up and in our best writing.  This helps us to identify and do our best handwriting.

The circles were learning about the hundredths and the squares and triangles were learning about their six and nine timetables.  The circles enjoyed learning about the hundredths because I like maths and it gives you a wider range of numbers.  We hope to do more next week.

During outdoor learning we were doing athletics. We have been learning relay races.  This is educating us about staying fit and healthy but also teaching us about events that take place within the commonwealth games.  We were competing against our peers to see who could be the fastest. We all did a good job and worked well as team.

We are continuing to learn Spanish with a new teacher, Miss Lewis.  The class were learning colours in Spanish. Once we had learned all of the colours, we then had to identify what colour of paint was on the activity sheet we had. The word for the colour was printed in Spanish below the paint splat.  After doing this task, we got given another task where we had to get a partner and look around the classroom for different objects, which were the same colours of the Spanish words we had. We found this tricky, as some things were hard to identify.

January 2023

Happy New Year everyone!

We’ve had a great first week back and are looking forward to the months ahead. Have a look at our Newsletter to find out the plan for the term ahead…

Class Newsletter – Term 3

February 1st

For our outdoor learning day, we collected materials and created our Wordboost words from the materials.  We also played Spelling timebomb and had great fun.  We also did some numeracy races where we had to work out the answer to a calculation and then collect that number of cones. It was good fun. We collected data to complete a tally chart and frequency table. It was exciting collecting the data about the cars as they went past so quickly.

On Thursday afternoon we went to McGavin Park. It was great fun being in the park and going on the swings and roundabouts. Hopefully the weather will be nice enough for us to again soon.



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