iPads and Digital Literacy

Welcome to the iPad and Digital Literacy Information Page!

We have worked extremely hard at Rosshall Academy to ensure every pupil has received and iPad, and receives suitable training on using it.

Digital Literacy is the responsibility of all teachers, and so we are working to support all staff and students to incorporate this into daily learning. We have spent numerous hours training staff in order to pass on this digital knowledge to our students. To help you at home, we have included links below to some of the Word Documents and PowerPoints used for training so far, as well as links to videos that are specifically about Teams and Showbie for parents and families.

Students with specific questions about the iPad (e.g. returning homework on a particular app for a class) should speak directly to their class teacher for support. Furthermore, each faculty has their own leader of digital learning, and we also have a team of students who are our Digital Ambassadors. Any of these can help your child with iPad-based questions during the school day, or they can speak to Ms Lamont or Ms Edwards at break or lunch.

Students with iPads have all agreed to our Acceptable Use Form. This is an agreement between pupils, families and the school about the appropriate use of an iPad, and the rules to which students must abide by. A copy of this can be found here.

If you have any concerns about your child’s use of the iPad, or there is a problem with the software/hardware then please feel free to contact Ms Lamont or Ms Baker via email, who will endeavor to respond to you at their earliest opportunity.

iPad Training Materials: 

Getting to Know Your iPad Lesson 1

Getting to Know Your iPad Lesson 2

Getting to Know Your iPad Lesson 3

Getting to Know Your iPad Lesson 4

How To Set Up Outlook and Teams

How To Turn off Focused Inbox

How to Join a Teams Meeting

Saving School Website to iPad Homescreen

Teams Guide for Families & Carers

Showbie Guide for Families & Carers

How to Change Showbie Notifications

How To Save Doc From Teams

Families Digital Literacy Presentation

Further reading about Digital Literacy in Glasgow and Scotland:

Digital Learning & Teaching Strategy for Scotland

Scottish Government: Digital Learning in Schools


Our Digital Literacy Twitter accounts for further updates and information:

Rosshall Digital Literacy

Rosshall Digital Ambassadors

Ms Lamont

Miss Edward