iPads and Digital Literacy

Welcome to the iPad and Digital Literacy Information Page!

Here you will find support in using your iPad and other linked software like Showbie and Teams etc:

Common iPad Problems and Solutions Help Sheet 

Joining a Showbie Live Lesson:

How to Join a Teams Live Lesson:

Using Showbie PowerPoint

Using Teams PowerPoint

Using Book Creator:

Book Creator How to Save and Edit Guide on Teams and Showbie

How To Compress A Video On iOS

How To Edit, Save and Submit A Powerpoint on Teams

iPad Training Materials: 

Getting to Know Your iPad Lesson 1

Getting to Know Your iPad Lesson 2

Getting to Know Your iPad Lesson 3

Getting to Know Your iPad Lesson 4

Getting To Know Your iPad Lesson 5

How To Set Up Outlook and Teams

How To Turn off Focused Inbox

How to Join a Teams Meeting

Saving School Website to iPad Homescreen

Teams Guide for Families & Carers

Showbie Guide for Families & Carers

How to Change Showbie Notifications

How To Save Doc From Teams

Families Digital Literacy Presentation

How to Create a Book on Book Creator

How to Open, Save, Send Word or Powerpoint

How to Set up and use OneDrive

How To Open, Send, Save Pages

Showbie Help

How to Download from the School Website

How to Write Emails and Attach Documents and Photos

How To Edit a Picture

Further reading about Digital Literacy in Glasgow and Scotland:

Digital Learning & Teaching Strategy for Scotland

Scottish Government: Digital Learning in Schools


Our Digital Literacy Twitter accounts for further updates and information:

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Rosshall Digital Ambassadors

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