Shared Vision and Values

We love this vision as we want Maxwellton to be a place where your child’s giftings and talents are nurtured and discovered and where pupils are encouraged to be themselves and to shine. We hope you love it too!

The top three values chosen were

  • Compassion – We want all Maxwellton pupils to stand out for their compassion to one another. The world needs more compassion and we hope to start in our little corner in EK!
  • Resilience – The ability to be able to bounce back in life and get back up again is essential at every age. We hope to instil this into all Maxwellton pupils to prepare them for their future.
  • Respect – This is at the heart of Maxwellton and essential for all good relationships in life. We all deserve to be treated and spoken to with respect and we want our Maxwellton pupils to carry this quality in all their interactions.