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P7. A working week!

P7 created poems following an: a,b,c,b format.P7 started reading ‘The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’.‘Show me boards’ in numeracy.  Working on various skills: multiplication and adding and subtracting decimals,


Primary 7 were designing Christmas cards for our upcoming competition.

Reading Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets during Book Week Scotland 2020.

Primary 7 were learning about Armistice day.  They created Armistice art. We have been working on improving our handwriting.  We used the poignant: ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae as our stimulus.


Another week in P7

Learning how to play as a team in the Muga!Researching Winston Churchill.

We were finding out lots of information about Winston Churchill.  We know his image is on a £5 note.

We also found out that Churchill had many different jobs.

We painted Halloween pictures with Mrs Greer.

We were looking at ‘Key Connections’.  We created heart jigsaws of important people in our lives who help us to be happy.


   What would your emotion poem look like? Happiness is a pug dog!P7 have been focussing on good sportsmanship.We have been looking at connections.  Our heart jigsaws focus on people who love us and make us happy.

Primary 7

We created two types of colourful dog for our ‘Wonderful World’ topic as our wonderful creatures.  A spaniel, using coloured pencils on black paper, and a pug using felt tip pens on white paper.   Which technique do you prefer?

Some of our colourful spaniel pictures.

We were working on up levelling basic sentences using the technique of ‘rainbow writing’.

Reading the second of our Harry Potter novels.


A week in P7

We created Hogwarts house shields.

A is for ‘attention’ posters. A is for ‘attention’ posters. A is for ‘attention’ posters.Diagon Alley windows. Pointillism Plant Pictures Pointillism Plant Pictures Pointillism Plant Pictures Fractions Master Fractions Master!Fractions Master!

Working hard in P7

Primary 7 have had a busy first few weeks back.  They have created self portraits in words and phrases, house shields for their work on Harry potter and have undertaken ‘Countdown’ number challenges successfully.  They truly are ‘cooking with gas’.  Well done P7Cody, Annabelle and Oliver showing their solution to the ‘Countdown’ number challenge.  The challenge was to make the target number of 517 using only the numbers: 75,3,3,5,7 and 8.  They could only use each number once but could use any of the four basic processes of:  + – x and divide.  Well done.  Great teamwork!