P1 Transitions

Welcome to Maxwellton Primary School – Primary 1

I would to like to say a HUGE welcome to all our new Primary 1 children that are going to be the Primary 1 Class of 2021!

We can’t wait for you to start in August and to join our Maxi family!

This blog has been created so that our new Primary 1 families always have a place that they can go to for information about the transition into Primary 1.

Thank you for joining us at Maxwellton.

We hope you feel very welcome here!


Contacting Us

This is your school now so please feel free to contact us if you need any help whatsoever or if you have any questions to ask.

You can contact us by telephone on 01355 222 521

Our office email is gw14maxwelltonoffice@glow.sch.uk

My Head Teacher email is gw14maxwelltonht@glow.sch.uk 

Our Twitter is @MaxwelltonPS . Following us on Twitter let’s you see some of the fun things that we learn and do as a school.


Welcome Pack

A welcome pack has been created to welcome you to Maxwellton!

This can be collected from our school office. We hope it contains some information in it that you will find helpful at this stage.

There are also some fun activities in there for little learners to do.

It’s our gift to our children to say welcome and thank you for choosing Maxwellton.


What happens next?

Now that you have registered for school what happens next?

  • All our children will receive a welcome pack
  • All our families receive a welcome phone call and email from the Head Teacher
  • If you wish to discuss a particular issue regarding your child starting school a 1 to 1 meeting with the HT is arranged
  • Regular communication will be sent out to you in email to keep you up to date
  • Hopefully by April we will look at beginning to organise possible visits to our school if Covid restrictions and guidance allows this to happen.
  • Nurseries will begin to work with your child on transition learning activities

We will journey together in ensuring your child feels safe and has a sense of belonging at Maxwellton for starting school in August.

Meet The Team

Each blog post we will focus on meeting new members of our team at Maxwellton.

This is me! Mrs Laing.

I am the Head Teacher of Maxwellton Primary School and Nursery.

My job is to lead the school and ensure that everyone feels safe and happy and is learning to their very best potential.

This is Mrs Brown. She is our Principal Teacher and she helps Mrs Laing lead our school.

She is our Additional Support Needs Coordinator, Numeracy coordinator and is also very talented with digital technology! She is good fun too!


Getting To Know Our School

In every blog, we will post some photos of our school so that your child can see inside our building and become familiar with their environment.

Please see some photos of our Primary 1 classroom.

This will be the class your child will be in, in August.




Transition Story…

At Maxwellton we love our stories and books!

Do you know this story?  It’s one of our favourites!

‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’

We love making all the noises!

Why not listen with us and do some of the activities if you would like to.

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt



‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ Activities








Can you make a cool paper plate Bear?

Can you make your own binoculars to go on your very own bear hunt?


Have fun enjoying our transition story!


We will email you every time our blog is updated so that you can see any new information that is posted.

A huge welcome to Maxwellton!

We are delighted that you are part of our Maxwellton family and community!