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Letter Writing to Santa!

Primary 2 did an amazing job at writing a letter to Santa this morning! They were thanking him for all his hard work and wishing the reindeer well! We then posted them in our special Christmas letter box!


P2 Letter Writing

We have started letter writing this week! First we made a class mind map about what we knew about a letter to put into our jotter. Then we did our first attempt by writing a letter to say thank you to someone. This links in with our theme of ‘Giving’ for our Happy and Healthy topic this week! Primary 2 did a great job and I am sure their next try at letter writing will be even better!


Primary 2- Keeping Your Body Healthy

This week our ‘Happy and Healthy’ topic has been about keeping your body healthy! Primary 2 discussed different healthy foods we could eat to have a balanced diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They then made their own food plates to show what they would eat for each meal. They did a super job deciding what to eat to keep their body healthy!


Primary 2 Outdoor PE

We had lots of fun doing PE this week! Primary 2 were in teams and we were learning how to do different relay races! There was lots of running, skipping, jumping and hopping involved! We have been working so hard on our fitness skills. Take a look!