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Emily’s Wonderful Writing

Emily did lots of wonderful writing today. Our learning Intention was to describe a character and she choose Spongebob! What a superstar she is! Keep up the good work.


I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I will speak to you and update you more next week on what Primary 5 have been up too.


Miss Doris 🙂

Online Music Lesson

Yesterday afternoon Primary 5 were very lucky to have an online live stream directly into the classroom from The South Lanarkshire Instrumental Music Service (IMS). The children learned different types of body percussion and participated in active music games. They even did body percussion to the song We Will Rock You!

There was lots of smile and laughter and a whole lot of noise! Look at all their little concentrated faces below.

Morning Starter Activity

On Wednesday morning when the children came into the class at 9 o’clock, they had a short mental maths task to do.

They had to use the numbers on the board and try to find different ways to make the number 32.

Look how many different ways they found! Well done Primary 5. Superb work 😀😀

Health and Wellbeing

This week Primary 5 have been learning how to develop their self-control. We learned that breathing techniques, meditation and yoga are good methods to keep us relaxed and concentrated.

I was very impressed at how engaged Primary 5 were in this task, also look how flexible they all are!

Maths with Ipads!

Today we had a break from doing our maths in our jotters and practised some sums on the Ipads!  Below you can see the children having lots of fun on a rainy Friday morning.


This week Primary 5 have been learning new spelling words! We have practised these everyday and did an excellent job at including them in sentences.  Keep up the good work Primary 5! 🙂

Morning Starter Activity

Every morning when Primary 5 come in to class at 9 o’clock, they have a morning starter activity. This allows the children to be settled and ready for the day ahead!

This morning the children had to use the letters on the board to make as many words as they could. Look how many amazing words they found!

Primary 5 have settled in so well and I cant wait for a brilliant year with them!

Health and Wellbeing Fun

Outdoor PE

P5 had a great morning developing their balance, coordination and team building skills. The Hoop Hop Showdown was a favourite. There was lots of fun and laughter.

The children worked hard during their health and wellbeing lesson. They created crayons and illustrated their unique qualities. They learned about the importance of having respect for others and themselves.

We understand that we should respect that everyone is different and value their strengths and attributes.