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Happy New Year!

I have put up a few pictures from last term which I don’t think I posted before,

In Numeracy we were learning about Place Value. We used materials and had lots of good discussions about the subject . You can probably tell that from Zac’s expression. He made a mistake at the beginning of lesson and then made us laugh but although he had made a mistake his thinking was spot on and it led to a good discussion.Β  It was what we call a ‘learning mistake’ in Primary 3 where something we get wrong leads to better learning. Zac really contributed to our learning that day as he often does.Β  Well done Zac for showing us how what looks like a mistake can actually be smart thinking and for making us laugh because being relaxed and happy helps us learn too.Β  πŸ‘

We always learn most from the mistakes we make so don’t be embarrassed about making one. I am making them every day on Google Classroom so I know. Everyone else contributed reallyΒ  well too!

Some very famous and successful people have talked about the importance of making mistakes. Here are two:

β€œTHE only man who makes no mistakes is the man who never does anything.”—President Roosevelt.

β€˜Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.’
Albert Einstein






In Literacy we were looking for different kinds of nouns in our reading books.

Danielle , Zac and Thomas made good use of wet lunch time to write and draw.


Everyone has been working really hard and playing well too!

Missing you all so come on for a chat on the stream on Google Classroom!  ☺️

🌈 Hallowe’en and Guy Fawkes Friday 13th November 2020

We couldn’t celebrate Hallowe’en and Guy Fawkes quite the same way as usual, but we had a lovely activities afternoon and made some lanterns and skull masks.

We read Hallowe’en stories and poems. We learned about the history of Guy Fawkes. We learned about Fire Work Safety and read and discussed an acrostic poem about fireworks. We coloured in rockets.

🌈 Have a great weekend !

🌈 Activities Afternoon Friday 6th November 2020

We had an activity afternoon on the last day of term before our October break. Here are some of the photos.

Lucas and Cooper enjoyed the building blocks.

Jack and Adam enjoyed the Lego.

Isabella and Danielle liked the pet shop toys. Isabella wants to be a vet when she is older.

Freddie, Megan and Murrin used the water colours and chose what to paint.

🌈 Water Colours Friday 6th November 2020

I think I mentioned that the children’s flower pictures would make great gifts. Using the water colours was quite tricky, but it was also relaxing. The children know how to use them properly because Mrs Goodwin taught me.Β  The children are great teachers too if anyone needs a relaxing activity to try at home.

Mrs McKenna told me about this quote by Picasso and I think the art in our class makes the point:

Every child is an artist. Download this free printable quote from Picasso! | Quotes for kids, Artist quotes, Words

I looked up what else he had to say. He also said:

Our ‘Wonderful World’ topic is an Expressive Arts topic, but it is also a Health and Wellbeing topic because it is helping us to relax, feel joy and appreciate the world around us. I hope it gives you all a little joy too.

Here is our class display:

Here is a close up of Adam’s picture:


Really sorry, I have been trying to upload lots of the pictures, but the site isn’t letting me. I will find another way to show them and I will make a quick Blog about our activity time.





🌈 Some of Our Flowers Friday 30th October

I hope these pictures bring a smile to everyone. I would love to take them home but luckily I have lots of photos of them to keep me smiling.Β  I thinkΒ  if they were framed they would make great gifts. (The water colours and pastels will be sent home in early December when we have replaced them with something new.) I honestly think the children have done brilliantly and can’t wait to see how our next Art lessons go. I photocopied the black and white originals so that the children could complete them with coloured pencils and pastels.Β  I haven’t displayed them all yet, but here are a few. Enjoy!







🌈 What Have Primary 3 Been Doing this Week? Friday 23rd October

The Primary 3 Art work has really been making me smile over the past few weeks. I hope it does the same for you.Β 

Here are some close ups of our ‘Wonderful Me’ self portraits done with felt tips.









🌈  Sorry I tried to post more, but there were some glitches with uploading photos. I will make a powerpoint of the art at some point. Have a great weekend.  🌈