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Wk beginning 14th Sept

Once again we have been lucky with the weather, long may continue . As we will be doing PE outdoors for the forseeable please make sure they have a waterproof with them.


These classes are continuing with the Learn to Jog programme from Jog Scotland. This is week 3 so after their warm up they jogged for 2 minutes then walked for 2 minutes repeated 8 times. Already I can see their fitness improving with more jogging and less breaks. Well done everyone.

We also continued with our athletics skills, revising Β the crouch sprint start from last week and learning the standing sprint start.

In Digital Literacy P6 have started learning about Sway whilst P4 learned how to send and reply to emails.

P2 and P3

These classes are continuing with Jog Scotland Walk to Fitness programme. This week was week 3 ,everybody walked briskly for 2 minutes and then at their usual walking speed for 1 minute repeated 5 times. We are all getting better at our risk walking.

We also practised starting and stopping through the use of fun and fast moving games. P3 were very lucky as Mrs Cunningham joined in for Disco tig. A great time was had by all.

P3 enjoyed taking and deleting selfies and pictures of their partners using the IPads.


PE wk Beginning 7th Sept

In our Digital Literacy lessons this week we have been making sure everyone’s Glow emails worked

For PE this week we have been mostly lucky with the rain, long may it continue.

P4,P5 and P6

These classes have been using the Jog Scotland Learn to Run programme. This is week 2 and after their warm up, pupils had 8 cycles of walk for a minute then jog for a minute. There was lots of red faces showing how hard they had worked. Well Done to John who managed to jog for the full minute for all 8 cycles. They also learned how to do the Athletic crouch start, learning how to position their front foot, their hands and to keep their back and head in a straight line.



There was lots of red faces this week as they all walked briskly for a minute and then walked normally for 1 minute, eight times as part of the Jog Scotland Walk to Fitness programme. Well done everyone for all your hard work.


Due to the bad weather on Fri P3 had a very relaxing morning learning the art of Yoga. We went for a walk through the jungle and everyone enjoyed becoming the different Jungle animals.