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Hello everyone,

Recently It has been a bit of a crazy time, but we have got through the first week of our home learning.Β  Everyone has done an amazing job, you should all be very proud of yourselves.

Can I also say a big thank you to parent and carers, who have worked so hard and have all been so welcoming to me.

I’ve uploaded some of our home learning, enjoy looking at all our work.

Hope you all have a wonderful, well earned weekend !

Mrs White


Learning makes Primary 1 happy!

This week in our Health and Wellbeing topic Primary 1 had to think of new things that they have learned, and how it made themfeel.

Here are some examples –

Learning something new is definitely a way to feel happy.

We also had to do some finishing touches to our whole class wall display…

Look out for the finished work here soon!!

Primary 1 love learning

Primary 1 had a fantastic week of learning.

We were learning the ‘ take away’ story of 2!

We were learning about mindfulness and how it can help us to relax.

We were developing our skills to use our reading books to do Find it Prove it!

Fantastic work Primary 1, such superstar learners!!!

Poppy Day

Primary 1 had great fun learning why people wear poppies in November.

We made these lovely poppies…

Then put them in our wall display…just like Flanders Field.


A huge thank you to our families who sent in photographs and stories of bravery, we have put them up on our wall.

We are so proud and thankful to all the people who have fought in the wars.

Fantastic fireworks!

Primary 1 have been having fun making these fantastic fireworks pictures.

Putting lovely glitter on our pictures to make the fireworks sparkle!!

In our Health and Wellbeing Topic we are learning that Key 2 to a Happy andΒ  Healthy lifestyle is doing exercise and looking after out heart.

Here are some things that we do to exercise.

Another great week of fun learning!