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Apple Education Workshops – March 2024

Learning and Teaching for the Future

Apple Education are inviting educators from across Scotland to an inspiring half day of workshops focused on Learning and Teaching for the Future with Apple Technology.

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Technology has an important role to play in bringing learning to life, enabling young people to develop, refine and showcase their learning, demonstrate understanding and collaborate safely as they progress through their educational journey.Locations and dates

This event will enable educators to explore how Apple & iPad can support these challenges and enrich the learning experience
across the curriculum. You will hear from a variety of presenters and have the chance to get hands-on with education focused
experience sessions. These sessions are suitable for practitioners across all sectors.

Hands-on workshops include

      • Engage: Technology engages learners more deeply by providing immersive experiences that are intuitive and delightful. This workshop will explore a range of experiences on iPad and how they bring learning to life.
      • Scaffold: Technology scaffolds learning by making it more personal and more accessible, empowering every learner to be their best. This workshop will explore the accessibility tools that are built into iPad, straight out of the box.
      • Connect: Technology connects learners to information, resources and people seamlessly, wherever they are. In this session we will look at the opportunities iPad enables alongside Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.


Please bring bags of enthusiasm! If you have an iPad please bring it along. Devices will also be available for loan on the day. No previous experience with Apple technologies necessary.

Events are taking place in locations near Motherwell and Aberdeen. Please select the event most convenient to you.

Refreshments provided on arrival.

Falkirk RTC quizziz advert

March 20th, 16:00 Falkirk RTC – Mastery through Quizzing with Quizizz

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Join Falkirk RTC for an Exploring Learner Engagement Series of webinars.

This hands on session will explore how gamification can enhance retrieval practice or engage learners with new content. Explore a demonstration of the pupil experience and discover the ways in which the data becomes available to educators as their class attempts to master a topic.

There will also be be an exploration of the Quizizz Free-For-Schools tools and explore the new AI features in Quizizz.

Quizizz is a browser based tool useful for 1:1 and shared device environments.

Anyone is welcome to attend this online session. The session will take place on Webex which can be accessed via the Webex app or in a browser, information will follow by email after registration.

Falkirk RTC curipod advert

March 13th, 16:00 Falkirk RTC – Easy Interactive Lessons with Curipod

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Join Falkirk RTC for an Exploring Learner Engagement Series of webinars.

In this session, attendees will discover how simple it is to make interactive and engaging lessons with Curipod.

Whether using existing resources or working with the built in AI to make something new, Curipod caters for all.

Explore a hands-on demonstration of the pupils experience and learn about the teacher moderation tools.

Curipod is a browser based tool useful for 1:1 and shared device environments.

Anyone is welcome to attend this online session. The session will take place on Webex which can be accessed via the Webex app or in a browser, information will follow by email after registration.

Falkirk RTC advert

March 7th, 16:00 Falkirk RTC – Classroom Collaboration with Padlet

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Join Falkirk RTC for an Exploring Learner Engagement Series of webinars.

The first session will explore real time collaboration with Padlet, through a hands on look at new features which allow for fast and easy learner collaboration using a variety of multimodal content. Learn how to manage teacher workflow to maximise the free Padlet account.

Padlet is a browser based tool useful for 1:1 and shared device environments.

The session will take place on Webex which can be accessed via the Webex app or in a browser, information will follow by email after your registration.

Resource – Space Exploration Workbook

Version 1.0

This project stems from an example we created to support staff in their professional development. During a 4 part CLPL course that we run, This is Digital, we spoke about a Planning, Learning, Teaching, and Assessment cycle, and one of the aspects to this was that a well planned resource can help not only with student learning and engagement but with assessment strategies and establishing success criteria. We created a Pages Workbook that essentially acts as a 1.0 to the resource being shared. This example workbook was populated with digital literacy examples using out of the box features and apps, and also created spaces for teacher feedback and evaluation.

iPad screenshot showing a video
Space for ‘flight director’ comment laying out student achievement

Staff attending these sessions were not necessarily all iPad users but it was enough to spark the ‘art of the possible’ in their practice and reception to the aspects laid out were very positive. Especially when the digital examples were shared, allowing pupils the ability to share their knowledge in a way that makes sense to them. This led to the new resource being made so that it might have an impact on teaching & learning and take it in a direction that our colleague George says, is more than simply using markup to draw a face on a bin, as it puts the digital literacy into context and has an ability to take all aspects of iPad use into account.

Example created in keynote, imported in Pages and teacher feedback added

Putting the new version together

In creating this document, it was important to show the various strings to the bow that the iWork suite has, including the recent update that allows USDZ and SVG files to be included natively. It allows various levels of interactivity in a single resource and means that pupils have all the resources they need.

iPad screenshot showing a Mars habitat
Incorporating USDZ files for hands on and icons to signify each page


Icons are a great learning tool as it gives pupils a visual guide to what type of activities they can do on each page/section. The workbook has a natural flow and progression of skills making use of apps such as Keynote, GarageBand, iMovie and the Everyone Can Create projects.

iPad screenshot showing a robot
Using icons to explain what each section/page incorporates

For each of the activities, we have laid out a context beforehand, giving pupils a scenario and then set a task that builds on it. The Everyone Can Create projects are an excellent way to leverage these activities and make this book more project based, topic focused rather than a one and done style of activity.

iPad screenshot showing iPad with a page for adding content
Example of an activity page. Pupils create their example and add it to this page.

Download the Space Explorers Workbook here

Download the 1.0 version of the workbook here

Text on left, app prototype icon on right

Activity 12 – Article Breakout App Prototype

Final Day – Arctic Breakout App Prototype

YouTube player

For this final #12DaysOfCreativity activity, you will make an app prototype that takes the lessons you have learned over the previous activities, and combine into a make your adventure, app prototype.

For this Arctic Breakout app prototype, we have created a Keynote file and set it to links only. To remind yourself the steps involved have a look at this activity.

We then created tasks based on previous activity such as Pixel Art, Green Screen iMovie, and Podcasting. It is a good to have tasks like this that combine various digital literacy activities and contextualise them in such a way as to show their true ability to be used across a wide range of curricular areas. 

Your task: Offer pupils the opportunity to create an app prototype like this that makes use of their various digital literacy skills. 

We have the Keynote template file available for download. Use the button below to download it to your device.  There is an alternative Scratch project for you to edit below.

Download Keynote Template

Download PowerPoint Template

Over to you

Try it for yourself and share your creations with us on social media

Alternative Build!

You can flex your coding skills by exploring our Arctic Escape Scratch Project.   This project is a quiz that uses two lists to store the questions and answers.  

A short demo is below, along with a link to the project for edit.  Let us know how you get on!

Things for you to try…

  • Explore the script of the bear sprite and try to add your own questions and answers
  • When one of the A B C or D sprites is clicked, can you get it to change costume so that the purple button changes colour for 1 second before returning to the original costume
  • Add a sound to each of the A B C and D button presses
  • Animate the GAME OVER and YOU WIN costumes – ensure they return to the same position at the start (clue… “When I receive Reset”)


YouTube player

Link to Scratch Project

   @digilearnscot  #12DaysofCreativity

Text on left, pixel version of numbers icon on right

Activity 10 – Pixel Art

Day 10 – Pixel Art

Day 10 of #12DaysofCreativity combines knowledge of maths & numeracy, computational thinking (if this then that), and creativity. To create the image below we are required to have an understanding of numeracy concepts and digital literacy. By answering the questions correctly, each cell changes colour based on a predetermined set of rules. We will explore these rules later in the tutorial video. These activities can be made in any spreadsheet application such as Excel or Numbers

Pixel Art screenshot

We have made the file available to download, tap the app icons below to download a Numbers or Excel version of the file.

Numbers app icon

Excel app icon

To try this activity for yourself download the files linked above. Watch this activity video to get an idea of how you can share your knowledge and understanding of a multitude of curricular areas

YouTube player

Try to replicate the activity for yourself and share your finished creation with us on social media @digilearnscot using #12DaysofCreativity

A special thanks to Miriam Walsh for the updated numbers document and you can see the original forum post on the  Education Community

text on left, voice memos icon on right.

Activity 8 – Enhanced Storytelling

Animation to enhance storytelling

For day 8 of #12DaysofCreativity we will explore how to enhance your storytelling/literacy skills by building a scene and adding some animation to bring it to life. We will aim to make something like this:

YouTube player

In order to make this style of video, there are a few things we should consider.

  1. What story or poem do we want our pupils to recite?
  2. Where will they find/download content? There are websites such as Noun Project and Pixabay
  3. What apps will be useful? For this example we used Voice Memos to record our reciting of the poem, and Keynote to build the scene and animation. 
  4. Once the animation/scene is created – what can pupils do to enhance it further? To add in more of a creative flair? Creativity never stops – it evolves. 

For more ideas on ways in which you can introduce creativity into your learning and teaching practice, check out the Everyone Can Create guides from Apple Education. 

ECCreate guides
Have a go yourself.
Follow the steps in the video below:
YouTube player

You can download the referenced in this post from OneDrive here

Try the activity for yourself and share your finished podcast with us on social media @digilearnscot using #12DaysofCreativity


Text on left, GarageBand and podcast icons on right

Activity 6 – Create a Podcast

Day 6 – Create a Podcast

Elf on the pod podcast artwork For Day 6 of #12DaysofCreativity we will explore creating a podcast on your iPad using GarageBand. This is a great activity to build pupil confidence, develop their literacy skills, expand their research and communication skills as well as developing a key skill for the world of life, learning and work – collaboration. 

Sharing a Podcast can be easier than you think. You don’t need to publish it to Apple Podcasts or Spotify in order to let people listen – you can share the file for download from your school blog, share using QR Codes during parents evening or even have it sent out along with the school weekly newsletter. 

If you do decide to start a class podcast, then there is an excellent option available. The app Spotify for Podcasters is available for free on all platforms including the web. There are some things to consider.

It requires an account, so it is advised to have teachers create an account and publish. If you wish to explore this topic more, then this ePub is a good resource to use. 

For this activity, we used the following apps:

Pages icon

Pages can be used to plan the script for the podcast. Think about a topic, plan the research, write an introduction, and structure the flow of the episode. Who will say what. Other apps such as word, docs, or notes can also be used but for this activity we used Pages as it has a built in teleprompter. 

GarageBand icon

Garageband is the main app used for this activity. A powerful recording studio that comes built in on every iPad deployed in schools. It can be used as a voice recording app, music maker, beat smasher and more. Voice effects add a touch of creativity and for this task we recorded our voice using the chipmunk effect to give us an Elf sounding recording. Mixed with free music effects downloaded from Pixabay build a comprehensive podcast experience.

Keynote icon

Keynote continues to play a pivotal part in iPad Creativity with its versatile approach to activities. Content is key and when learners use an app like keynote to design podcast artwork, they can blend colour, design, text, drawing, shapes and more to create an eye catching colour popping podcast show artwork. You might consider the Daydream Believers activity Branding before this task to give pupils as much of a headstart as possible. 

Now, it’s your turn.

The YouTube video below is broken into several chapters which can each be used as a separate lesson. 

  1. Write your script
  2. Record your content
  3. Add some music
  4. Create your artwork. 
YouTube player

You can download the referenced in this post from OneDrive here

Try the activity for yourself and share your finished podcast with us on social media @digilearnscot using #12DaysofCreativity