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March 20th, 16:00 Falkirk RTC – Mastery through Quizzing with Quizizz

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Join Falkirk RTC for an Exploring Learner Engagement Series of webinars.

This hands on session will explore how gamification can enhance retrieval practice or engage learners with new content. Explore a demonstration of the pupil experience and discover the ways in which the data becomes available to educators as their class attempts to master a topic.

There will also be be an exploration of the Quizizz Free-For-Schools tools and explore the new AI features in Quizizz.

Quizizz is a browser based tool useful for 1:1 and shared device environments.

Anyone is welcome to attend this online session. The session will take place on Webex which can be accessed via the Webex app or in a browser, information will follow by email after registration.