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Activity 6 – Create a Podcast

Day 6 – Create a Podcast

Elf on the pod podcast artwork For Day 6 of #12DaysofCreativity we will explore creating a podcast on your iPad using GarageBand. This is a great activity to build pupil confidence, develop their literacy skills, expand their research and communication skills as well as developing a key skill for the world of life, learning and work – collaboration. 

Sharing a Podcast can be easier than you think. You don’t need to publish it to Apple Podcasts or Spotify in order to let people listen – you can share the file for download from your school blog, share using QR Codes during parents evening or even have it sent out along with the school weekly newsletter. 

If you do decide to start a class podcast, then there is an excellent option available. The app Spotify for Podcasters is available for free on all platforms including the web. There are some things to consider.

It requires an account, so it is advised to have teachers create an account and publish. If you wish to explore this topic more, then this ePub is a good resource to use. 

For this activity, we used the following apps:

Pages icon

Pages can be used to plan the script for the podcast. Think about a topic, plan the research, write an introduction, and structure the flow of the episode. Who will say what. Other apps such as word, docs, or notes can also be used but for this activity we used Pages as it has a built in teleprompter. 

GarageBand icon

Garageband is the main app used for this activity. A powerful recording studio that comes built in on every iPad deployed in schools. It can be used as a voice recording app, music maker, beat smasher and more. Voice effects add a touch of creativity and for this task we recorded our voice using the chipmunk effect to give us an Elf sounding recording. Mixed with free music effects downloaded from Pixabay build a comprehensive podcast experience.

Keynote icon

Keynote continues to play a pivotal part in iPad Creativity with its versatile approach to activities. Content is key and when learners use an app like keynote to design podcast artwork, they can blend colour, design, text, drawing, shapes and more to create an eye catching colour popping podcast show artwork. You might consider the Daydream Believers activity Branding before this task to give pupils as much of a headstart as possible. 

Now, it’s your turn.

The YouTube video below is broken into several chapters which can each be used as a separate lesson. 

  1. Write your script
  2. Record your content
  3. Add some music
  4. Create your artwork. 
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You can download the referenced in this post from OneDrive here

Try the activity for yourself and share your finished podcast with us on social media @digilearnscot using #12DaysofCreativity