Text on left, sound icon on right.

Activity 5 – Explore Sounds inside and out (early level)

Day 5 The sound of Christmas


What does Christmas sound like?

What does it sound like outside?

What does it sound like indoors? 




Use your senses to see, touch, smell and HEAR everything that means CHRISTMAS to you!

Once you have identified the sound of Christmas, capture this in an audio recording and then invite your friends to listen to the recording and try to identify the sound you have captured.

Will they identify the sound correctly, or will they need a clue?

Different ways to capture audio:

  • Talking button/postcard, recordable microphone, karaoke machine, Dictaphone, talking/recordable toys.
  • Recording audio on an iPad with built in apps Voice Memo or GarageBand
  • Recording audio on a Chromebook with Vocaroo | Online voice recorder (website will work on any browser/device with Microphone access permission)
  • Recording audio on a Windows device with built in Voice recorder
  • Recording an audio clip in Microsoft Sway with record audio
  • Recording an audio clip in Scratch Jr app with sound blocks (play video at 38 seconds)
You may be required to adjust privacy settings to enable your microphone to work.

Try it for yourself and share your audio creations with us on social media @digilearnscot using #12DaysofCreativity